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Food at Vue De Monde
Photograph: Graham Denholm

Join a free cooking class from Vue De Monde in the comfort of your home

Written by
Jess Ho

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who can cook, and people who are kitchen disasters. 

It doesn't really matter which one you are because Vue De Monde is running a weekly cooking class where you can order the ingredients to be delivered right to your door. This will definitely solve the lack of egg, flour and general staples issue at the moment. 

This also means you can be as disorganised as you like. Make a huge mess without being an embarrassment in a cooking class. Cook along with your partner if you need an extra hand and want to cheat. Hell, you can even rewind the video with sticky fingers if you completely zoned out and missed a very crucial step. Most importantly, you can do this whenever you want because you're not actually going anywhere to do it.

To curb your anxiety, you'll be lead by Vue's head chef, Hugh Allen, who is a very non-intimidating 24-years-old (or maybe that will intimidate you more because he is so accomplished). Each masterclass is held on Vue De Monde's at-home website, and this week's masterclass is a classic chocolate souffle.  

For those of you who prefer your meals with minimal effort, Vue De Monde is also delivering pre-made meals like curries, pies and pasta with all the trimmings, cheese, luxury items like Blackmore Wagyu sirloin steaks, caviar and any bottle from its cellar. Order here.

Want to learn more skills while in iso? How about the guitar? Stuff that, I just want to eat. No worries, you can ambitiously work your way through this list.

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