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Messina is shrinking its gelato cakes to a single-serve size

Jess Ho

Gelato Messina is launching a range of mini gelato cakes or monoporzione (meaning 'single portion'). We have no idea why you'd want to portion control your gelato eating, but each to their own.

Gelato Messina will offer these single-serve cakes at its Fitzroy store in six flavours that can be purchased individually, or in boxes of three or six. We presume this is to make sure that everyone can eat their fair share back at the office and save themselves from washing up (yes, the difference is one knife, but we all know that person who leaves their mess lying around, Karen).

The flavours available for you to not share with your friends are the Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom (dark chocolate mousse, chocolate gelato, dulce de leche, peanut butter crunch), Bubble Trouble (white chocolate shell filled with coconut crunch, coconut dacquoise, earl grey lychee gelato, earl grey tea mousse), Seymour Nuts (hazelnut mousse, choc hazelnut ganache, hazelnut gelato), Lamington3 (milk chocolate mousse, raspberry gel, coconut gelato, almond crunch), Mini Bombe Alaska (marsala-soaked sponge, strawberry mousse, strawberry compote, vanilla gelato, Italian meringue) and the Ballin' (malt caramel, peanut praline, malt and toasted white chocolate mousse).

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