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Moon Dog Brewery is giving away 200 six-packs this Friday

The beers will be delivered to 100 lucky pairs of friends on May 8 (Mate Day).

Written by
Jess Ho

Maaaaaaaaate. You can't be serious. Well, the outrageous thing is, Moon Dog Brewery is. To the crew at Moon Dog, May 8 is Mate Day. Geddit? It's also the day they celebrate the release of the Old Mate pale ale, so no prizes for guessing which beer they're giving away. 

It sounds like the most Australian thing ever to celebrate, but when you can't actually see your mates, it's a better time than any to be able to send them a six-pack (and score one for yourself). In the past, Moon Dog has asked you to line up for these free beers, but in the time of physical distancing, social responsibility and staying in iso, they're asking you to jump online and register instead. 

To prove that you and your mates are such good mates, you're going to have to have a phone number and address for the friend you want to send the beers to. Shoot them a text now, get those details and punch them in. The beers will be delivered to 100 lucky pairs of friends this Friday, May 8.

Needless to say, both you and your friend need to be over the age of 18 to enter and the sets of friends will be chosen by Moon Dog. Entries close Thursday, May 7 at 10pm. 

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