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Mork Chocolate is giving away 100 cinnamon buns

Written by
Jess Ho

How long does it take a pro to perfect a cinnamon bun? According to Mork, the specialty chocolate brew house, it is exactly six months when you work with the insanely talented and meticulous chef, Shaun Quade (ex-Lume). Alongside Quade, Mork has developed its own kanelbulle – a buttery, spice-packed cinnamon bun synonymous with Sweden. These kanelbullar are traditionally eaten at fika, a daily ritual similar to morning tea where Swedes take time for a warm drink and a cinnamon bun. 

Mork's kanelbullar are packed with Ceylon cinnamon, freshly ground cardamom, and to add the signature Mork touch, layered with caramelised chocolate. To celebrate finally cracking the code to the perfect Mork cinnamon bun and the ability to stock it in coffee houses around the city, Mork will be giving away 100 kanelbullar at its North Melbourne brew house on Sunday, March 1 from 9am so you can enjoy fika the Swedish way. 

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