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A close up shot of 6 glasses full of beer
Photograph: Creative Commons

Robert Burns Hotel is giving away 100 jugs of free beer

It's a strong act of patriotism

Written by
Jess Ho

Has Dan Andrews said we can get on the beers yet? Well, sort of. 

We are now allowed to have five mates over and Collingwood's Robert Burns Hotel thinks that's something worth celebrating. Until we can actually get to the pub (that's technically June 1 as long as you're seated in the bistro and having a meal), Robert Burns Hotel is giving away 100, one-litre jugs of Young Henry's beer.

To claim your jug, you need to order $40 worth of takeaway (that's the equivalent of a parma and a cheeseburger), add a jug of Young Henry's, type in 'THANKSDAN' as a discount code and you'll claim your free beer.

Obviously it is first-come, first-served and only one jug is available per order. 

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