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Saba's Ethiopian lunch bowls
Photograph: Supplied

Saba's Ethiopian is back and serving individual lunch bowls

This mother and daughter team is sharing their Ethiopian culture one plate at a time

Jess Ho

Saba's is back. Why are we excited? Well, aside from the fact that you can bring any of your friends with dietary requirements (celiac, vegetarian, vegan) to enjoy a meal with, the food is of outstanding value, full of variety and are time-honed family recipes. 

Yes, you eat with your hands. For those of you who are a little wary about minimal-waste, communal dining – wash your hands. By now, you should know how to. If you don't want to share, Saba's is now serving individual bowls during lunch service on Fridays to Sundays.

These lunch bowls are built on either a bed of rice, injera (fermented teff seed flatbread) or salad leaves and you can top it with any combination of vegetables (beetroot, pumpkin, potatoes), legumes (lentils) or meats (slow-cooked lamb, spicy chicken, lamb and okra stew). For dinner, you will receive the usual colourful, injera-lined basket – veggies, stews and all, next to each other in a wheel of delicious fortune.

Bookings for Saba's can be made via its Facebook page or by calling 03 8589 0442. Takeaways will still run for those who cannot be seated and you'll also get a 15 per cent discount off your bill. 

Would you like more options in where to dine out? Check out this list. Still want takeaway? Refer to this handy list.

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