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Food at Bar Liberty
Photograph: Melanie Desa

You can now get Bar Liberty takeaway at Falco Bakery


Time Out Melbourne crowned Nick Tesar Bartender of the Year for 2020, and since Bar Liberty closed its doors, we have learnt that even though Tesar is a jack of all trades, you cannot let the man behind a coffee machine. And how did we come across this hard-hitting bit of investigative journalism? Well, Tesar is currently behind the counter at Falco with his signature smile, repping Bar Liberty's wares from its sister bakery. But his stint behind the coffee machine confirmed the age-old fact that bartenders can't make coffee (and inversely, baristas can't make cocktails). Luckily, he's going back to what he's good at: selling incredible food and booze, but now it's available for you to eat at home. 

Admittedly, you cannot order the original Liberty menu from Falco, but head chef Zac Furst has been working on take-home items you can heat and eat, like braised duck and fennel ragu with slow-roasted haricot beans; shimeji mushroom fettuccine; scalloped potatoes with a burnt lemon cream; and a steamed cider and hazelnut cake. If you don't want to miss out, you can order these items on Bar Liberty's website for pick-up at Falco. These items have been insanely popular and selling out, so you better hop to it.

The million-dollar question is: is Bar Liberty selling booze, since that is what makes Bar Liberty, well, Bar Liberty? The answer is yes. There is a range of wines from across Bar Liberty's list available for pre-purchase on the website. Tesar is on the ground to offer some advice if you would like a bit of consultation. Just don't ask him for a latte.

This is great and all, but a human cannot live on Bar Liberty's food alone. That's fine, check out this list. If you don't need food or booze because you're stocked up, buy this zine for some food inspiration.

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