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The best milkshakes in Melbourne

There’s nothing as mind-freezingly delicious as a giant cup of sweet, flavoured dairy. These are our stone cold favourites
By Time Out editors |

No longer relegated to after-school childhood favourites, milkshakes are making headway on café menus everywhere in Melbourne. From liquid takes to classic treats like Golden Gaytime and lamington, to all-time favourite flavour combos like peanut butter and banana, we've rounded up some of the best milkshakes in Melbourne.

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Pie and milkshake at Candied Bakery
Graham Denholm

Apple pie shake at Candied Bakery

icon-location-pin Spotswood

Not even a congested West Gate Bridge could stand between us and the apple pie shake at Spotswood’s answer to the legendary Momofuku Milk Bar. It’s exactly what it sounds like – apple pie, blitzed with house-made soft serve and milk into a thick, biscuity beverage.

Three milkshakes on a brick wall
Photograph: Trunk Facebook

Golden Gaytime at Trunk

icon-location-pin Melbourne

It’s a Golden Gaytime shake! They blend their dairy with Australia’s most joyfully named frozen treat. It’s more milky than thick, and you just get a slightly sweet edge from the caramel, chocolate and biscuit but that’s what you want if you’re pounding burgers.

Parlour Diner

Malt shake at Parlour Diner

icon-location-pin Windsor

This Led Zeppelin-playing, vintage-furniture-having burger house nails the diner theme as well as it nails a chocolate malt beverage. Chocolate syrup and hefty scoops of malt and ice cream get whizzed with milk and topped with an extra vanilla scoop and lots of chocolate sprinkles. Get two straws. It’s a beast.

A banana and peanut butter smoothie in a mason jar
Photograph: Graham Denholm

Banana and peanut butter shake at Barry

icon-location-pin Northcote

For those who are genuinely lactarded, these guys do a thick frozen banana and peanut butter shake with an almond milk base, all topped with crunchy cacao nibs. Breakfast in a mug.

Salted caramel and coconut milkshake at Shop Ramen
Photograph: Graham Denholm

Salted caramel and coconut at Shop Ramen

icon-location-pin Fitzroy

It’s not the classic side to a steaming bowl of pork belly ramen, but adding on an umami-tastic coconut and salted caramel ‘shake is the regretful decision no-one regrets.

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Burger at Butchers Diner
Photograph: Butchers Diner
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