Yo-Chi Carlton

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Yo-Chi Carlton

This self-serve frozen yogurt joint takes variation to a whole new level. As far as flavours go, they’ve got your basics covered, and then some. There are a few unusual options for the more adventurous yogurteers, like licourice, apple pie, lime and avocado, peanut butter and salted butterscotch. Yes, the yogurt is all natural and 98% fat free, but does depend on which of the 40 toppings you chose to add. Whatever you can imagine, they’ve probably got it; wafers, fresh fruit, cheesecake, Reece's pieces, and those cute little pearls that burst when you bite them.


Venue name: Yo-Chi Carlton
Address: 194 Faraday Street
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11am-11pm
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