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Cheap Melbourne: Shopping

Where are the clearance outlets, markets, sales and clothes swaps? Wonder no more

Photograph: The Clothing Exchange

You need new threads, but your bank account is looking a little skint. What do you do? We've all been there, so here's a shopping guide for all you thrifty creative dressers. Now, you can save up for the things that really matter: like visiting Melbourne best lingerie shops, or buying some sweet records from the city's best vinyl shops

Cheap shopping in Melbourne


Hit Collingwood's factory outlets

The stretch of Collingwood’s Smith Street between Johnston Street and Alexandra Parade is packed with clearance and factory outlets, including Adidas, Converse, Brands United, Mountain Designs, Table Eight and the Golf Clearance Outlet. The truly committed could even take a shopping tour bus that will stop at other warehouse hotspots.

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Go rummaging for bargain finds at Clear It

It’s never a good idea to walk into Clear It with a time limit. Let’s face it – at bottom-line prices, you’re going to be there for hours. Cancel all subsequent plans and devote yourself to rummaging through the racks and bins for the best bargains in town (we’re talking hats from Dangerfield for $3, Alannah Hill belts for $5). Then take what you saved and spend it on more clothes. It’s practically free money.

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Do the student splurge at Savers

Shopping up a storm at Savers' recycling superstores is a rite of passage for all Melbourne students (who get 20 per cent off on Sundays). Seniors, it's your turn Mondays.

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Play swapsies with the Clothing Exchange

The ethically minded ladies behind the Clothing Exchange combine sustainable living with fashion and hold regular clothes swapping events. To be part of this social enterprise, sign up to their email list and keep an eye out for upcoming events.

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More thrifty thrills in Melbourne

Cheap things to do in Melbourne

Whether you're a student, a spendthrift, have been sucked dry over Christmas or just wanna stick it to the man, these freebies around town are perfect for you.

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By: Time Out editors