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Photograph: Robert Polmear

The best op shops in Melbourne

Time Out scours the op shops around Melbourne to find the best ones for your needs

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Time Out editors

What’s not to love about op shops? They’re cheap, eco-friendly, ethical and a damn good way to find some amazing designer threads. But while there’s plenty of op shops to choose from in Melbourne, it can take a bit of digging to sort the treasures from the trash. Luckily we’ve already done the hard yards and sussed out some of our city’s best places to shop second hand.

If you’re feeling charitable and want to donate make sure you follow a few tips. Only donate items that are good quality (would you want this item to go to a friend?) and only drop off items if they fit inside the donation bins or can be dropped off with staff during business hours.

Want to do some more good? Here's where you can volunteer in Melbourne.

Then get some cheap eats to go with your cheap shopping spree.

Op shopping in Melbourne

Brotherhood of St Laurence: Brunswick
  • Shopping
  • Brunswick

This northside store is how one would imagine op-shop porn. It’s impossible to leave this store empty-handed. From records, to books to quirky pieces and a whole vintage clothing section complete with shoes and bags. This is the kind of op-shop you can walk into with an idea of what you want and you can guarantee you will get it - whilst holding your first album, on vinyl in mint condition.

  • Shopping
  • Abbotsford

Moved to Melbourne and need to furnish a bedroom, a house? This Salvos has all your furniture needs sorted. Buy a chest of drawers for $30, a '70s coffee table for $40 and a couch for $50. The clothes here aren’t anything special but their book collection is out of this world. This is the kind of op-shop where you buy that obscure piece that you know you will never use, but at the same time, can’t resist. Roller-hockey anyone?

Savers Recycle Superstore: Greensborough
  • Shopping
  • Greensborough

It’s worth the long hike alone once you step inside the juggernaut that is Greensborough Savers. A massive warehouse filled with endless aisles of clothes you will need to make sure you’ve had a big brekkie to tackle the task at hand. You will come out of a day’s shopping with a bagful of new threads and RSI. Plus Savers offers a rewards card that can get you half-price goods on sale says, as well as a discount when you donate used goods. 

  • Shopping
  • Op shops
  • Bentleigh

This Salvos is perfect for op shoppers on the lookout for books. Salvos Bentleigh has plenty of pre-loved books to choose from, as well as a dedicated cabinet for extra-special or old books. The store also has a respectable range of clothes (including some vintage finds on occasion) and bric-a-brac. 

  • Shopping
  • Op shops
  • Moorabbin

Melbourne's southeastern suburbs are home to the biggest Vinnies store in Victoria. Vinnies Moorabbin is worth a visit; the massive op shop is a haven for interesting, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. It's the sort of store where you might find some interesting Art Deco ornaments or a fun new read to add to your bookshelves (the store has an entire room dedicated to books). 

Sacred Heart Mission: St Kilda East
  • Shopping
  • Balaclava

This tiny little op shop (a former milk bar) houses some kitsh pieces that will soon adorn the walls of your house. Looking for some new threads? The store has a mix of boutique and run-of-the-mill fashion labels to choose from. Take a look through the repurposed dairy cabinets for great retro cookbooks and random bits and bobs.

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