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A range of eco-friendly and natural deodorants by Kind-ly.
Photograph: Kind-ly

Make your care routine more eco-friendly with these sustainable Aussie products

We've rounded up the best Australian personal care and beauty brands that put sustainability first

Adena Maier
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Adena Maier

We all deserve to enjoy luxe products like lotions, perfumes, makeup and shampoos, but it truly doesn't have to come at the cost of our natural environment. There are heaps of small changes that you can make in your personal care routine that will still leave you feeling pampered while also helping you to lead a more environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle. 

To make committing to that switch a little bit easier, we've rounded up a bunch of Australian brands that offer high-quality and eco-friendly products. From shampoo and conditioner bars to natural deodorants and perfumes, these are some easy ways to make some eco-friendly changes in your routine.

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Kester Black offers a range of makeup and nail care products that are all vegan and sustainable, and it also puts its money where its mouth is by donating 2 per cent of revenue to social causes. The company and all of its products are 100 per cent carbon neutral, and it strives to use ingredients that don't require a large environmental footprint. Shop the full range of products on the Kester Black website.

Natural deodorants have been having a moment lately. If you've been looking to make the switch, support this Australian brand that uses only natural and organic ingredients, packs its formulas in recyclable packaging and mails them to customers in recyclable boxes. You can choose from scents like rose and geranium, lavender and bergamot, coconut and vanilla, and more. Shop the full range at the Kind-ly website.


If part of your decision-making process when buying beauty products for your home is how they'll look, then you should shop some of the soaps, balms, creams and candles by Wørks. This Melbourne-based brand puts all of its formulas in beautiful glass bottles that can easily be repurposed once empty, or you have the option of purchasing refills that come in glass bottles rather than counter-productive plastic pouches. On top of using sustainable vessels, Wørks is also plastic-free, committed to being carbon neutral, uses only organic and sustainably grown and harvested materials and ships in recyclable containers. Shop the full range of products through the Wørks website.

It may seem a bit alien to use a solid block of shampoo or conditioner, but there are heaps of reasons why you should consider making the switch. The liquid formulas you're probably used to dilute the formula with water and are housed in plastic containers, so a solid bar helps cut down on water and plastic usage. Bars are also more travel-friendly, save shower space and are cost-effective, as one solid bar is around the equivalent of three bottles of product. Seed & Sprout, which was founded in Byron Bay, carries shampoo and conditioner bars in a variety of scents including rose geranium, pink grapefruit and citrus. Shop the full range of products through the Seed & Sprout website.


Handwashing has been more important than ever lately, and for something you do countless times each day, you deserve to have luxe soaps that make that task more enjoyable. Grown Alchemist bottles its 100 per cent natural, vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly formulas into glass containers that look sleek on your bathroom shelf. If your skin is sensitive, try the Tasmanian pepper, tangerine and chamomile soap that is formulated to soothe your skin. If you struggle with dry skin, try the cedarwood atlas, ylang ylang and tangerine soap that is designed to revitalise and nourish your hands, leaving them soft and smooth. You can browse the full range of products on the Grown Alchemist website.

Not only are bees one of the most crucial components of our ecosystem, but many bee by-products like propolis, royal jelly, Manuka honey and beeswax also work wonders for the skin. This Sydney-based company offers cleansers, face masks, lip balms and hand creams that harness the power of bees to rejuvenate your skin. The brand partners directly with local beekeepers that are committed to sustainable practices and love bees, as well as with Indigenous growers who practice sustainable farming and supply native plant extracts for the products. Shop the full range of skincare products through the Wild Bee Skincare website.


This Adelaide brand has been designing and making natural and cruelty-free perfumes since 2009. Its ethos is that our natural world has given us all the botanicals we need to make complex and lovely fragrances without the need to rely on any nasty chemicals. The website has a handy scent quiz to help you figure out what scent is best for you. The range includes woody, floral and fresh scents, and each perfume also lists a similar mainstream perfume that it's similar to, like scents from Tom Ford or Valentina. Browse the full range of perfumes on the One Seed website.

Mukti has taken several steps to prove its commitment to sustainable practices, including forming a partnership with Save the Bees for a recycling initiative. This allowed customers to request pre-paid shipping labels to return their used bottles and jars to the company to be reused. Mukti is also one of the very few brands globally that gives customers the option at checkout to have their products shipped 'naked', or without the outer carton that the product usually comes in. While perhaps best known for its range of skincare products, Mukti also offers hair and body products, perfumes, and individual virtual consults to help you address your personal skin care concerns. Shop the full range of products on the Mukti Organics website.


These days, the skincare market is flooded with one-off products for every problem imaginable. That's why the Great State has crafted a multi-tasking balm that is made with completely natural and locally sourced ingredients. The balm, which is packaged in a reusable metal canister, is perfect for skin issues including soothing sunburns and eczema, moisturising dry skin, and making makeup products appear more pigmented. If you have sensitive skin or dislike fragrance, the product contains no synthetic scents and has a light aroma of coconut and honey. Shop the balm on the Great State's website.


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