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Where to buy alcohol on Good Friday

The big guys can't play, but these little heroes are soldiering on for all your day-off needs

Technically, The Man says that buying takeaway booze on Good Friday is not on. But unlike our strict friends in NSW, we have a little more wiggle room down here. The big guys can't play, but these little heroes are soldiering on for all your day-off wine and beer needs.

Alternatively, you could always plan ahead and visit our favourite craft beer bottle shops or late-night bottle shops.

Bottle shops open on Good Friday in Melbourne


Clarinda Cellars

Open 8am-midnight

Rocking the suburbs, Clarinda Cellars in Clayton South will ensure that even a late-night, house party drop-in doesn’t mean you have to show up empty handed.

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The Exford Hotel

Open noon-1am

The Exford's history is colourful, to say the least. In 1914 the Chinatown pub was reported for running a prostitution racket. A couple of decades earlier, a tenant tried to murder the barmaid for not loving him. These days, it's known to most young 'uns as the only late-night bottle shop in Melbourne's CBD.

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McCoppins: Fitzroy

Open 10am-midnight

Finding a bottle-o that is open after 9pm on a Sunday is a trick in itself. But thanks to McCoppins we have two to rely on. Their second location is in Abbotsford.

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The Railway

Open 24 hours

The Windsor pub most known for its 24-hour bottle-o and club-style revelry (albeit fueled by decent cocktails as well as popular beers) is also home to serious fine dining restaurant Highline.

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Atlas Vinifera

Open: 11am-11pm

Atlas Vinifera gives you over 400 wines to choose from, as well as a clever selection of craft beers and some local spirits, with an option to drink-in.

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Open noon-11pm 

The city's most notorious late-night bar will be selling pre-batched cocktails such as negronis, martinis and hanky pankys from The Everleigh Bottling Co. until 11pm, but you can party inside until 3am.

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Mr West

Open noon-11pm

Out in Footscray, Mr West has finally opened their bottle shop downstairs. Sure, they can ply you with liquor onsite, but now, they've got the goods for you to take the fun with you.

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The Moon

Open noon-10pm

You can choose to have a drink in this new Collingwood wine bar, but you can also drop in to buy a bottle of something interesting to take home. All staff are incredibly knowledgeable, so have the confidence to branch out and try something different.


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Riversdale Hotel

Open noon-11pm

Located in Hawthorn, the Riversdale Hotel’s adjoining bottle shop is an oasis for Melbourne’s late-night punters who are keen to kick on at home.

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