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Cheap Melbourne: Health and fitness

Feel like a hero for zero with these cheap healthy activities in Melbourne

Cheap health and fitness in Melbourne


Chill out with a meditation class

Make everything seem rosier with a free foundation course in Raja Yoga Meditation or Positive Thinking. These one-on-one and group sessions will have you happier in no time. You can also drop into the centre and make use of their meditation room.

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Run the Tan in your best fitness threads

Grab your best jogging outfit and head to the Tan for 3.8km of unadulterated athletic fun with the beautiful people of Melbourne. Passing the distance markers they've erected even makes it seem like a heroic feat.

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Volunteer at the Food Co-op

Help out at the ethically sound Friends of the Earth Food Co-op – purveyors of fine health foods, tonics and body products – and you’re onto a winner. Volunteers can choose to undertake a wide range of activities, from cooking to fundraising, and will receive a 15 per cent discount and free meal for their troubles.

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Conquer the 1,000 Steps challenge

Pound the steps of the Dandenongs’ Kokoda Track, a plaque-lined memorial dedicated to the 625 soldiers that died in World War II on the Papua New Guinean track. It’s not actually 1,000 steps (more like 770 apparently) but don't make the mistake of thinking it's going to be easy.

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Join a running club

Whether you’re a die-hard enthusiast or a gentle jogger, there’s guaranteed to be a club for you – and most will welcome your kids.

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More thrifty thrills in Melbourne

Cheap things to do in Melbourne

Whether you're a student, a spendthrift, have been sucked dry over Christmas or just wanna stick it to the man, these freebies around town are perfect for you.

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By: Time Out editors