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  1. A child putting frosting on donuts.
    Photograph: Hungry Homer Donuts
  2. A cutting board with six decorated donuts.
    Photograph: Hungry Homer Donuts
  3. A child holding the DIY donut making box.
    Photograph: Hungry Homer Donuts

Make doughnuts at home with this DIY kit by Hungry Homer Donuts

Each kit comes with everything you need to whip up and decorate 12 tasty doughnuts

Adena Maier
Written by
Adena Maier

Graduate from baking sourdough loaves to making tasty and beautiful doughnuts using these DIY doughnuts kits by Hungry Homer Donuts. Made for all ages and ideal for first-time bakers, each kit comes with all the ingredients that you will need as well as baking pans. All you need to provide are an oven, microwave, oil and mixing bowls and spoons. 

There are four kits to choose from, and each one makes 12 doughnuts. Choose from the “What a Gem!’ kit and make some blinged-out doughnuts, the ‘Boujee’ kit, which comes with real gold leaf, the ‘Hey Purple Petal’ kit, which comes with edible freeze-dried pansies, and the ‘Mini Choccie Blockie’ kit, which is perfect for choc-a-holics. 

Each kit is $58 and can be purchased through the Hungry Homer Donuts website. Once you have the pans, you can purchase refill kits for $30 with just the ingredients and make more doughnuts whenever you want. And to make the deal even sweeter, for each kit sold five meals are donated to Aussies in need. 

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