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Generic koala
Photograph: Creative Commons

Where to spot wild koalas in Victoria

Never mind the zoo – head out of town to see these furry critters in their natural habitat

Rebecca Russo
Written by
Rebecca Russo

It might come as a huge shock – and I am probably breaking several unspoken Aussie rules revealing this to you – but it’s not as that easy to find native Australian wildlife in metropolitan Melbourne. You actually have to head outside the city to find these adorable marsupials in the wild, whether it’s kangaroos up in Woodlands Historical Park or platypus out in the Otway Ranges. If you are looking for furry koalas, there are plenty of places to see them up close – you’ve just got to know where to look!  

Three things to note before you go out koala spotting:
1. The best time to spot them is at dawn or dusk, as koalas are nocturnal.
2. Remember to look up! You’ll spot these marsupials either tucked in the fork of a tree or nestled against a big branch.
3. Please be respectful, and never attempt to touch koalas or get close to them. These creatures have been known to get aggressive.

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Where to spot koalas near Melbourne

Budj Bim National Park
Photograph: Christian Pearson

2. Budj Bim National Park

4 hours from Melbourne by car

Go for a stroll through the bushland that surrounds this park’s tranquil crater lake and you might find these furry guys napping in a tree.

River Murray Reserve
Photograph: Creative Commons

4. River Murray Reserve

5 hours from Melbourne by car

Whether you’re walking, cycling, bird watching, fishing, or camping along the mighty Murray River, there will be plenty of occasions to spot wild koalas in their natural habitats.

Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve
Photograph: Christian Pearson

5. Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

3 hours from Melbourne by car

It’s all about the self-guided walks at Tower Hill. Not only will you spot koalas but you might get lucky and spy a few kangaroos, wallabies, possums, turtles and even echidnas.

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