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How can someone so tiny need so much stuff? If you’ve ever stood with mouth agape in an aisle of infant-feeding supplies, you’ve pondered that great mystery of life. Thankfully, Ali Wing (pictured), owner of the cool New York–based baby store Giggle, is no stranger to the dazed new-parent expression: Her freshly born book, Giggle Guide to Baby Gear (Chronicle, $20), just might keep you from having a bottles-and-bibs breakdown. Far from being simply a tedious list of what to buy (and what not to), Giggle Guide takes a personal approach to shopping for baby goods, combining Wing’s expertise with advice from parents. “We don’t recommend specific products, because what works for your best friend won’t necessarily work for you,” explains Wing, who jokes that her handbook is “brand agnostic.” With blank pages for note-taking, the book leads readers through lifestyle and safety considerations—providing the village wisdom minus the village (here’s looking at you, mother-in-law). “The great gift of becoming a parent is remembering the silliness in life,” says Wing, who has a five-year-old son. “We want to help parents who get worried, so they can focus on what’s important.” Namely, that adorable little creature who now resides in your apartment.

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