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Mom on the street

Sari Chang Guthrie with Jeffers, age eight

Photo: Nami Sung

Photo: Nami Sung

Where do you live?

Upper East Side

Where did you buy Jeffers’s clothes?

I bought the clothes in Hawaii when we were there celebrating my grandmother’s 100th birthday. Jeffers picked them out. He usually does.

Is he very particular about his clothes?

Yeah, surprisingly since he always looks so casual. He won’t wear things with too many logos or too much stuff on it.

How would you describe his personal style?

It’s definitely sporty. He’ll wear a soccer shirt, baseball shirt or lacrosse shirt, depending on what season it is. He’s usually wearing a Yankees cap.

What’s his favorite accessory?

He wears the same pair of Nike sneakers all the time. He just gets in a groove with one pair and then sticks with it. That’s kind of a boy thing.

Where does he get his hair cut?

He sees Mark at Mr. Lucky Barber Shop on Third Avenue and East 95th Street. He gets a crew cut basically all the time. I can’t convince him to grow out his hair. It’s the opposite of what most mothers are trying to do.

What are you doing today?

Jeffers just played a pickup game of football in the playground at Hunter.

What does he want to be when he grows up?

I don’t know. I’d say a baseball player, or a doctor. He’s notreally thinking about it too much!

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