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Review: Untapped!

Raw Metal Dance wows audiences with Untapped! at the New Victory Theater.

  • Photo: Andrew Fee

  • Photo: Andrew Fee

  • Photo: Andrew Fee

  • Photo: Andrew Fee

    Raw Metal Dance in Untapped!

Photo: Andrew Fee

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<strong>Rating: </strong>4/5

The New Vic's latest offering is more high-energy concert than plot-filled theater performance—but what lacks in story line, it makes up for in wholly engaging athletic and vocal feats. Members of the Australian dance troupe Raw Metal Dance Andrew, Reece, Daniel, Matthew and Sam engage audience members of all ages with their toe-tapping tricks, while Jonny (a.k.a. Dr. Rhythm) keeps the tempo going with his award-winning beat-boxing skills.

isn't without its share of laugh-inducing moments, either. Young audience members seemed especially fond of the tap sequences in flip-flops and flippers and Dr. Rhythm's Elmo impersonation. If the 60-minute performance length isn't enough to keep little ones in their seats, audience participation (think invitations to clap along to the music and an onstage beat-boxing lesson for one lucky attendee) should do the trick. If nothing else, kids and adults alike will walk away with serious respect for the creative capacity of this tireless cast—and perhaps some inspiration to learn a few moves of their own.

plays at the New Victory Theater through Nov 27.

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