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The best parenting apps for NYC moms and dads

We round up parenting apps that New York moms and dads need to download immediately. No need to thank us!

Written by
Danielle Valente

We'll admit, even the world's greatest city has its pitfalls, but parenting apps can make NYC living more convenient for moms and dads.

We scoured our mobile devices to help parents avoid catastrophes—when kiddies need to tinkle in the middle of the park, when a subway meltdown begins to brew. You get the idea.

There are so many things to do with kids in NYC, from exciting family attractions to delicious family restaurants, but every now and then, moms and dads can get lost in the shuffle of a busy schedule and overwhelming atmosphere. Let our favorite apps for parenting (most of which are free) take the edge off.

In addition to the best parenting apps that sort your family calendar and help set up a chore system for the tykes, we round up beneficial tools that'll make life in Gotham a bit more least we hope. Good luck moms and dads!

Best parenting apps

In an effort to raise (lil') global citizens, WhyzzExplorer NYC provides youngsters with a look inside other cultures—right from home. Through object hunts, trivia and computer vision object hunts, kids will become more familiar with the environment around them. The app plans to expand to other cities in time.


Emergencies are always unsettling for moms and dads, but unexpected situations can be a tiny bit less stressful with the help of an app like Vital ICE. Medical information is stored locally and provides first responders with access to things they need to know—allergies, medications and so on. It's the app you hope you'll never use, but will be glad to have it just in case. Free


Sure, it's frustrating when an MTA malfunction affects your commute, but imagine enduring subway strains with a cranky kid in tow? Whining, tears and testy straphangers who are more irritable than your tots certainly make a train ride unpleasant. With Exit Strategy—your guide to the NYC subway lines, bus systems and street maps across the five boroughs—you'll have a guide to getting around Gotham and a way to escape as quickly as possible, should you need it. The in-depth "exit strategies" will point you in the right direction to the closest exit, just in case you have to get above ground before your little one has a major meltdown. $3.99. 


On line for your favorite Coney Island attraction, smack dab in the middle of the Sheep Meadow lawn—there's no telling when the time to tinkle will strike. Make no mistake, parents: Little ones will have an urge to use the potty at the most inopportune times possible, so rely on SitOrSquat to locate the nearest bathroom before any accidents occur! Free

NYC is the mecca of the arts, but performances can cost a pretty penny for large families. Thanks to TodayTix, theater buffs can score deals to shows on the Great White Way. We're not able to hold our applause until the end for that! Free


Let's be honest: You're going to encounter a noisy neighbor or an awful pothole at some point, so save time on the phone with 311 and submit your complaints and concerns on the app. It'll free up time to spend with the littles. Free. 

Your family calendar is about as crowded as your subway line at 8:30am, but don't sweat it: Cozi will help keep your schedules, grocery lists, kids' chores and other things to do in order. Phew! Free


We know you don't want to take out the trash for your entire building or pull the unwanted weeds next to your stoop. So how do you make the cleaning and beautification process a little easier? Get the kids to do it. Don't feel guilty, though. S'moresUp will keep track of your children's chores and earnings. You'll help them gain independence and responsibility by dumping the undesired labor on them, so it's essentially a win-win for everyone. Once they rack up enough dough, expect a trip to the best toy stores in NYC so they can cash in on something cool. Free

There's a lot to love about NYC...a hefty price tag isn't one of them. Learn how you can score deals at your favorite haunts with this super-handy app. Free


Up your parental espionage skills with a location-sharing app that'll keep an eye on your little ones in the big city. You can never be too safe! Free

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