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The best pies in NYC

From traditional to vegan and sweet to savory, we flagged our favorite citywide slices, minis, and family-sized treats

Little Pie Company
Photograph: Courtesy Little Pie Company
By Richard Morgan and Time Out contributors |

New Yorkers know how to grab their piece of the pie. And not just pizza in NYC. This is the time of year when sweet (and savory) pies pop up at desserts for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and general merriment. Every dessert has its season. Golden-brown pie crusts is the autumn color change we can all get behind.

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Best pies in NYC

Photograph: Liz Clayman
Restaurants, Italian

Torta della Nonna at Maialino

icon-location-pin Gramercy

A crisp almond and butter crust is filled with vanilla custard and covered in pine nuts and candied lemon zest that all combine for delightful (albeit unconventional) texture. A torta is 9", serves 8-10 people.

Sweets by CHLOE
Photograph: Mikey Pozarik
Restaurants, Bakeries

Peanut butter hot chocolate pie at Sweets by CHLOE

This vegan mini-treat has exceptionally thick filling that is nutty and buttery but not overwhelmingly peanut-buttery (a tricky move, accomplished here with defiant dexterity). The hot chocolate chip topping is light and pliant, but doesn't skimp on chocolate flavor. It's a heavy treat, so don't mind cutting small slices here on what is already a small pie.

Maple whiskey walnut pie from Petee's
Photograph: Raydene Salinas
Restaurants, Bakeries

Maple whiskey walnut from Petee’s Pie Company

icon-location-pin Lower East Side

Owner-baker Petra Paredez riffs on a family recipe for this spiked pie, made in-house daily at her Lower East Side shop. Pecan-fatigued pie hounds will appreciate the familiar texture yet tamed sweetness of the walnuts, cut further by a splash of Evan Williams whiskey and built with a crust made using organic flour from Champlain Valley Milling upstate.

Butter and Scotch
Photograph: Raydene Salinas
Restaurants, Bakeries

Bourbon ginger pecan at Butter & Scotch

icon-location-pin Crown Heights

At this Crown Heights bar-bakery, organic Texan pecans are kicked up with three types of ginger—fresh, dried and candied—and glued together with gooey maple syrup. That spicy-sweet mix is hit with a generous pour of Evan Williams bourbon and baked in an all-butter crust for a confection that’s as boozy as it is decadent.

Chocolate hazelnut pie from Pie Corps
Photograph: Raydene Salinas
Restaurants, Bakeries

Chocolate hazelnut pie from Pie Corps

icon-location-pin Greenpoint

The Greenpoint bake house infuses its silky bittersweet-chocolate ganache with toasted ground hazelnuts and a hazelnut liqueur. A sprinkling of sea salt in the dark-chocolate crust brightens the heady chocolate flavors. 

The Dutch pecan pie Pecan pie from the Dutch
Photograph: Raydene Salinas
Restaurants, Contemporary American

Pecan pie at the Dutch

icon-location-pin Soho

It’s a pie worthy of a bakery, but you’ll find it at Andrew Carmellini’s Soho clubhouse of a restaurant. Like much at the Dutch, the pie is unabashedly American, with a bronzed crust generously crammed with pecans and served with banana ice cream, chocolate sauce and brandied cherries. 

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Blueberry pie from Yura on Madison
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli
Restaurants, Sandwich shops

Blueberry pie from Yura at Madison

icon-location-pin Upper East Side

The Carnegie Hill mainstay offers this fruit-forward number only during the berries' peak summertime season. The fruit’s natural flavors are masterfully balanced, with tartness accented by spritzes of lemon juice and vibrant lemon zest. The clincher? Yura’s lauded flaky crust snugs the berries and their syrupy juices.

Pumpkin pie from Baked
Photograph: Courtesy Raydene Salinas
Restaurants, Bakeries

Pumpkin pie from Baked

icon-location-pin Red Hook

An oat–graham cracker crust cradles a velvety organic pumpkin filling at this beloved bakeshop with locations in Tribeca and Red Hook. In traditional fashion, the creamy filling is shot with a cabinet’s worth of autumnal spices—from nutmeg and cloves to vanilla and ginger.

Chocolate mousse pie from the Blue Stove
Photograph: Raydene Salinas
Restaurants, Bakeries

Chocolate mousse pie from the Blue Stove

icon-location-pin Williamsburg

A fluffy layer of mousse—folded with bittersweet dark chocolate, cream and eggs—fills the Williamsburg bakery’s beautifully crafted treat. Nestled in a golden-brown pastry shell, the pie is crowned with a picture-perfect chocolate-ganache lattice, whimsical leaf-shaped pastry ornaments and a cloud of house-made whipped cream.

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