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The best cheesecake in NYC

The best cheesecake in NYC includes classic slices and new variations from the city’s primo pastry shops

Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz
Breads Bakery

New York cheesecake ranks among Gotham’s most iconic foods, on par with New York pizza and the city’s best bagels. While it’s not hard to find a decent slice at your garden-variety bakery, the city’s best cheesecake includes a classic wedge in Downtown Brooklyn to an Italian-accented rendition in Little Italy.

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Best cheesecake in NYC


Junior’s Restaurant

The storied slice at Harry Rosen's 65-year-old Downtown Brooklyn mainstay has become synonymous with the New York–style cheesecake itself. Made with humble Philadelphia cream cheese and a sponge cake base, each round is lovingly mixed and baked by hand to this day. $6.50 for a slice

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Park Slope

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

Eileen Avezzano started slinging her namesake cheesecakes in 1975, using a traditional New York recipe passed down from her mother. Now at her award Nolita storefront, there are over 20 flavors ranging from blueberry to kahlua and dulce de leche. $3.75 for a mini-cake, $13 for a 6" pie

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Breads Bakery

Tel Aviv–trained baker Uri Scheft turns out a pitch-perfect cheesecake, sold by the pie only, in addition to his seed-studded challah, sourdough bread and famed chocolate babka. $37 for a pie

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Union Square

Billy’s Bakery

The decor’s as sweet as the goodies at this quaint pastry shop, which sells a large array of cakes, cookies and bars.

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Two Little Red Hens

This Upper East Side bake shop offers three rotating varieties, which currently include plain New York, cherry and pumpkin. The fruity toppings, cream filling and sweet graham cracker crust are all made entirely in-house. $4.50 for a slice

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Upper East Side

Veniero’s Pasticceria & Caffe

Since 1894, this East Village Italian bakery has been doling out biscotti, pastries, cannoli and, yes, deliciously creamy deep-dish cheesecake, enrichened with fresh ricotta and whole eggs. $4.50 for slice

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East Village

Ferrara Bakery & Cafe

Displayed alongside the cannoli and carrot cakes, the cheesecake slice at this Little Italy icon strikes the requisite balance of sour and sweet, adding Italian touches like ricotta and candied citrus peels into the mix. $5 for a slice

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Little Italy

Pasticceria Rocco

The cheesecake at this Italian bake shop run by Italians is distinguished by the lack of crust. In its absence, focus directs back to the sweet, fluffy creamy filling. $6.50 for a slice

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West Village

Little Pie Company

Sure, the from-scratch pies are the namesake of this Hell’s Kitchen bakeshop, but its New York cheesecake is nothing to shrug at. A golden graham-cracker crust is topped with a dense yet fluffy crumb whipped with fresh cream cheese and sweetened with vanilla. Slice for $5, whole cheesecake for $34.

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Hell's Kitchen

La Cheesecake

Head to College Point, Queens, where this takeout counter offers cheesecakes in both miniature and full-size forms. The tried-and-true recipe calls for a chewy sponge cake crust to nestle the silky smooth cream cheese core. $15.95 for a seven-inch cake

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