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Life size Barbie dreamhouse
Photograph: Mattel 2023

Barbie's official Dreamhouse is on Airbnb and you could stay there overnight

Airbnb have opened the doors to an actual pink palace

Maya Skidmore
Written by
Maya Skidmore

It is an undeniable truth that the marketing team behind the new Barbie movie all deserve a raise. And now, this has been levelled to major new pink and plastic heights because if you’re lucky (and can fly yourself to Malibu), you can stay in the legit Barbie dreamhouse. 

Although it may sound like fantasy, this is not a drill. 

The good folks over at Airbnb have come through with the likes of Hobbiton and Wes Anderson-esque accommodation oddities before, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this gigantic, real-life Barbie dreamhouse. 

Opening up to the public for bookings on July 17 (that’s July 18, for all of us in Sydney), this mammoth mansion comes with a rainbow rollerblading rink, a life-size horse mannequin (dressed in a pink feather boa, obviously), an infinity pool, an outdoor disco and Ken’s actual closet. Whatever you want, you’ve got it – and it’s in every shade of peach, fuchsia and magenta that you can possibly imagine. 

Located right next to the beach in Malibu, this life-size dream house has been put on Airbnb by none other than Ken himself, who has described the place as his “Kendom”, with Barbie having given him the keys for one night while she’s away.

With this pink palace only sleeping two guests for two separate stays on the nights of July 21 and July 22, it’s unlikely that most of us Down Under will be able to stay, but the fact of its mere existence is enough to put a little (arched) spring in our step. 

Thankfully for all of us in Sydney, we can party at this Barbie themed brunch instead. 



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