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child in phone box calling Santa on payphone
Photograph: Supplied | Telstra

Dial HO HO HO: You can call Santa for free from Australian payphones this festive season

Telstra has hooked up a direct phone line to the North Pole from all payphones

Winnie Stubbs
Written by
Winnie Stubbs

Christmas preparation is a never-ending (if joyous) operation: there are markets to visit, tree farms to frolic in and a pretty exhaustive list of excellent bars to hit up for your silly season celebrations. And then, of course, there's getting your wish list to Santa.

If you’re keen to get in touch with the big, bearded man this festive season, calling from one of the 14,500 Telstra payphones that punctuate pavements across Australia is an easy, time-efficient approach.

From now until December 24, dialling # HO HO HO (#464646) from any Telstra payphone will connect you with Santa Claus – who is ready to answer any questions related to Christmas*. 

Part of the motivation behind Telstra's Santa Claus payphone hotline was to equip children with the 411 on how to use a payphone – the street-side devices which, though a bit antiquated in 2023, can really come in handy when you’ve lost your mobile (or need to get in touch with Mr Claus).

The service will be running until December 24 – plenty of time to submit your wish list to the man himself and triple check on Rudolph’s treat preference. 

*The omniscience of Santa is yet to be verified – he may not be able to confirm or deny whether your cousin’s new girlfriend will be bringing her terrible pav to the table this year.


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