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Shoppers' guide to Newtown

The Inner West bohemian hub is home to hundreds of great boutiques and bookshops, as well as fine cafes and millions of Thai restaurants
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The best shops in Newtown

Shopping, Boutiques

Maple Store

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Maple Store is a sure-fire sign that Newtown is in gentrification phase 2.0. Alongside high-waisted Marilyn Monroe shorts and James Dean roll-ups from labels like Dr. Denim, Neuw and Nudie Jeans, this is also the place to pick up forest-scented Triumph & Disaster grooming kits, sleek Sunday Somewhere shades, Funkis clogs, Saltwater sandals and hundreds and hundreds of striped tees.

Shopping, Op shops

Cream on King

icon-location-pin Newtown

Cream on Crown’s Newtown sister is a one-stop shop for flannel, floral and Doc Martens. It also has an impressive display of sunnies.

Shopping, Book stores

Gould's Book Arcade

icon-location-pin Newtown

A hurricane would do a better job of ordering their tens of thousands of books, but if you go in there with some time to kill and a keen eye, you're bound to exit with armfuls of second-hand treasures.

Shopping, Accessories

Three 5 Nine King

icon-location-pin Newtown

At this Red Cross store in Newtown, shoppers can find rockabilly and punk styles all for under $30. It’s best for those happy to spend a while hunting through racks of odds and ends as shoppers can score anything from second-hand jeans to vintage fur coats.

Shopping, Boutiques

The Flower Room

icon-location-pin Newtown

The Flower Room is a funky oasis on Newtown’s busy King Street. You’ll find orchids, water lilies and bromeliads in arrangements finished with dried lotus leaves and natural twine. We love their terrariums and wooden boxes filled with succulents, ferns and moss: the look is less ‘floral’ and more sculptural. While they stock their fair share of pretties, the Flower Room can furnish you with a fine man-bouquet, too.


T Totaler

icon-location-pin Newtown

T Totaler creator Amber Hudson believes that the ancient tea leaf has a lot to offer. “In a fast-paced society, it’s hard to stop and appreciate it,” she says. “But tea makes you slow down. Drinking tea is an experience.” Established in 2012, the T Totaler brand grew from two of Hudson’s passions: tea and travel. 


Flying Penguin

If you're looking for a break from electronic games, Flying Penguin stocks eco-friendly educational games from building blocks for tots to wooden trikes for bigger kids.

Shoppers’ guide to South King Street

This section of the inner west suburb strip has long been overshadowed by its busier northern end, but your jaunt will be rewarded with quirky vintage finds, ethical shopping choices and authentic craftsmanship that seems all that much harder to find these days.

Need a drink in Newtown?

A shot of two cocktails sitting on a bar at Bloodwood
Photograph: Daniel Boud
Bars, Craft beer

The best bars in Newtown

From dog-friendly brewery bars to moody cocktail dens, neighbourhood wine bars, indie boltholes and rock-n-roll burger bars, Newtown's got 'em all.

Places to eat in Newtown

Sandwiches at Continental Deli & Bistro
Photograph: Anna Kucera
Restaurants, European

The best restaurants in Newtown

Newtown has been bringing its A-game on the restaurant front for as long as we can remember. You can enjoy everything from five star dining to casual but tasty fare in this rainbow patch of the Inner West, which also boasts some of the best vegan restaurants and Thai restaurants around.

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