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A bartender pouring a cocktail
Photograph: Anna Kucera

The 14 best bars in Newtown

Small bars, wine bars, breweries and slick watering holes. Newtown has got 'em all


A bar crawl in Newtown is the ultimate pick'n'mix for a parched Sydneysider. It's also great for anyone who would like the minimum travel time necessary between venues. Newtown's bars are all conveniently spaced along King Street and Enmore Road like some sort of boozy daisy chain, which means you can go from dog-friendly brewery bars to some of Sydney's best cocktail dens, neighbourhood wine bars, indie boltholes and rock-n-roll burger bars in no time at all. What's more you'll find a bunch of great bars in Enmore, which is (technically) past Newtown, but is only a hop-skip-and-jump-away and very much worth checking out.

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The best bars in Newtown

1. Earl's Juke Joint

Bars Newtown

Go here for: Cocktails that are expertly made

Once you've graduated from smashing jugs of beer at your local it's time to crank up the drinks quality substantially and order the best cocktails in Newtown at this low lit bar with a New Orleans voodoo vibe. Earl's Juke Joint is all class. It's built to outlast all the Saturday nights Newtown can throw at it, the drinks list is spectacular and the vibe stays at a potent simmer.

2. Continental Deli Bar Bistro

Restaurants Newtown

Go here for: Cold cuts and a tinned Martini

Opened by two of the greatest restaurateurs Sydney has seen in recent times, Elvis Abrahanowicz and Joe Valore of Porteño, Gardel’s Bar and Bodega (which they co-own with Ben Milgate), and LP’s Quality Meats (which they co-own with Luke Powell), this is more than just a restaurant. At Continental in Newtown a downstairs deli opens at 11am and becomes a casual bar/restaurant as the later hours creep in, while upstairs there's a bistro for those fancier nights out. 


3. The Midnight Special

Bars Newtown

Go here for: A howlin' ride through middle America

By the look of this dive you’d expect peanut shells crunching under foot. Regulars – like birds on a wire – perch at the bar and a American accent comes from behind it. The worn-in, down-home atmosphere, though, belies expert cocktail, beer and wine chops and sophisticated bar bites. 

4. Young Henrys

Bars Newtown

Go here for: Daytime drinking with dogs

Kick things off in the early afternoon with the freshest beers in town, and a hangover-busting cloudy cider if you need a little gentling back into the saddle. In fact, given this brewery bar shuts at seven, the earlier you get here the better your chance of securing a table with prime sausage dog patting potential.


5. Mary's

Bars Newtown

Go here for: Ace burgers and natural wine

If you don't want to queue outside this burger bar that's more popular than a pop-up puppy party catered by Messina, timing is everything. Get in early for any chance at a table, or wait until the dinner rush has worn off – well after 9pm, but there are still no guarantees. Territory is hard won here so barricade yourself in with baskets of fried chicken and bottles of natural wine (ask for the list from behind the bar) once you get a seat.

6. She Loves You

Bars Wine bars Newtown

Go here for: Quiet time with excellent wine

With the right little bar in your neighbourhood, ‘me time’ can also be ‘wine time’, which is certainly the case for the three separate people having a quiet drink on their own at She Loves You, a 40-person bar in Newtown. And that wine list that makes a lot more sense when you find out that one of the owners is also the sommelier at Billy Kwong. 


7. Courthouse Hotel

Bars Pubs Newtown

Go here for: One of Sydney's best beer gardens

The beautiful thing about this old boozer is that it’s a pub designed to facilitate a good time on your terms. Want to sit up at the bar with a huge plate of fish and chips and watch back-to-back AFL games? This is the best place for it. Prefer to sink your tip money in pinball machines while you annihilate jugs of Stone and Wood Pacific Ale and Young Henrys Newtowner? Right this way. 

cocktail at Tandem Bar
Photograph: Katje Ford

8. Tandem

Bars Newtown

Go here for: Aquavit

This is a hygge-loving Scandi cocktail bar that feels a bit like having a sweet, stylish introvert moving into your rowdy share house.  At Tandem they're leaning into the theme with a bike mounted above the entrance, whimsical Nordic posters and après-ski references inside. And we're not just talking decor, because it's also the only aquavit-focused bar in Sydney. 


9. Bloodwood

Restaurants Newtown

Go here for: Swanky bar snacks 

Bridging the gap between cheap Thai and a bazillion-course molecular journey at Oscillate Wildly, Bloodwood is the place where you lay down the foundations for a top-notch evening with their famous polenta chips - these guys know how to do booze-friendly snack plates. And if you score a table up on the back terrace you may never want to leave.

10. Gurdys

Bars Cocktail bars Newtown

Go here for: $10 Bloody Marys and vegan-friendliness

At this moody bar on the left bank of Newtown you can get a Bloody Mary for a tenner every night of the week. Lest you suspect you’re hallucinating, the boozy tonic will jolt you back to life with a quadruple hit of mustard, horseradish, tabasco and fresh chillies. Served in a vintage highball glass, it’s as pretty as a flapper and more fiery than you’d expect. Like 80 percent of the cocktails here, It’s also vegan.

Photograph: Supplied

11. Corridor

Bars Newtown

Go here for: Rooftop drinks with Newtown locals

What we like about the folks at Corridor is that they're friendly and down to earth. They're just doing what they do and they're doing it well: long necks of Coopers pale, simple mixers (get ‘em to do you a ginger beer with rum and limes), local wines by the glass (in red and white!)... you get the picture.

12. 1989 Kitchen & Arcade

Restaurants Cafés Newtown

Go here for: Arcade games with your drinks

No, 1989 is not the name of a Taylor Swift concept café (although, someone please make that happen), but a Newtown eatery dedicated to the coin-operated joys of old-school games. Unsurprisingly, the café’s soundtrack fires off plenty of plinks and beeps as players face various rounds of combat in Streetfighter II, The Simpsons, Double Dragon or Turtles. 


13. Cittavino

Bars Newtown

Go here for: Trying (wine) before you buy

The adults are definitely winning the turf war in Newtown of late. Formerly scungy pubs are getting a shiny new makeover, there's a whole lot more than six-dollar Thai to be had come dinner time and the small bars are only getting more plentiful. Cittavino is part wine shop, part wine bar, which means that you can sample unusual imports from Spain, Italy, France, America and South Africa, or something from Australia's best small producers, plus find something special to take home with you for later.    

Mini golf course in Newtown
Photograph: Robert Polmear

14. Holey Moley

Attractions Theme parks Newtown

Go here for: Putt putt

Sydney’s first mini golf bar opened up on the site of the former Newtown Social Club in July 2017. It’s operated by Fun-Lab, who are the same people who own Strike Bowling and Sky Zone, and the concept has already proven popular for hens and bucks parties in Brisbane and Melbourne. 

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