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Illustration of women for All About Women festival
Illustration: Aurélie Garnier

We've got a lot to talk about at this year's All About Women – get your head about the impressive line-up of speakers, artists and workshop hosts

Where are we at with feminism in 2019? Have we seen the end of #MeToo, or is it just the beginning? Is the movement more inclusive than ever, or more factional? Are we making progress with wokeness, or is call out culture another form of division?

This year’s All About Women doesn’t claim to hold the answers to these questions, but it is building an increasingly important community platform around these issues and more on the Sunday following International Women’s Day.

The seventh festival features solo talks, panel discussions, hands-on workshops and live podcast recordings with an impressive line-up of speakers from all over the world.

Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Emily Steel; Indian author and former rape crisis centre worker Sohaila Abdulali; and UK fashion stylist, writer and cultural commentator Ayishat Akanbi led the first speaker announcement.

Since then, All About Women’s curator Dr Edwina Throsby has added a panel talk featuring four female senior federal MPs in ‘Leading While Female’. The panel includes Julie Bishop, Linda Burney, Julia Banks and Sarah Hanson-Young.

There’s also former Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama, Tina Tchen, who’ll join Emily Steel in the ‘#MeToo: Year Two’ panel moderated by The Guardian editor Lenore Taylor.

Comedian Zoe Coombs Marr will deliver a talk about the macho nature of stand-up comedy; Sara Saleh, an Arab-Australian human rights and refugee advocate, is curating a panel on ‘Feminism in the Arab World’; and there’s a practical panel talk called ‘Bad with Money’ featuring BT Financial Group’s Melinda Howes, social researcher Rebecca Huntley and Vanessa Paterson from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

In the Podcast Hub, you can watch and listen as Molly Fischer records The Cut on Tuesdays live; there’ll be a special edition of The Guardian Australia’s The Witch Hunt; and Slate’s The Waves will be there with Noreen Malone, June Thomas and Christina Cauterucci.

In ‘Dating: A Survival Guide’, Romantically Challenged author Sami Lukis, ByeFelipe creator Alexandra Tweten and MTV’s FlexMami will chat ghosting, dating fails and being left on read as they navigate the world of modern dating at their different stages of life.

And the fun doesn’t stop there – there’ll be workshops on the day in female carpentry, flower arranging and traditional Te-Kopere Maori healers; plus exhibitions to browse between sessions, including one from cult French comic artist Emma.

Can’t make it to the Opera House on the day? Once again, All About Women will be broadcasting talks through their Satellite program, including at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, and Joan Sutherland Theatre, Penrith.

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