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Breakfast takes plenty of forms – what for some is just a croissant and coffee is, for others, a five-egg omelette. That's the nature of the meal. But there's one thing breakfast isn't: Brunch. Brunchers wake up hungover so they can wait in line and drop 20 bucks on a plate of hollandaise. They don't just drink coffee throughout their meal-they cradle takeout cups of the stuff in line, liquid courage to help them cope with what they're about to do.

Breakfast is different. Breakfasters wake up early, and get their first taste of coffee about the same time they turn to page A2. They diversify, consuming sweet carbs and salty pork products, and because breakfast isn't just the most important meal of the day but also the cheapest, they seldom spend more than $10. And yet the meal is still a luxury: It's about newspapers, and about starting somewhere other than a cubicle. It's peace at the front of your day, and armor for the rest of it. Whatever happens after breakfast is out of your hands. But now that you've eaten, you can probably handle it.


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