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We rank Chicago's breakfasts

We ate at dozens of city breakfast spots so you can start your mornings at some of the best.

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Eleven City Diner(1112 S Wabash Ave, 312-212-1112) Oregano-flecked potatoes, challah French toast. Holla! Feed(2803 W Chicago Ave, 773-489-4600) Aggressively delicious. Ina’s(1235 W Randolph St, 312-226-8227) Fluffy French toast, vanilla-scented waffles, big pitchers of coffee—she really is the queen. Lula Cafe(2537 N Kedzie Ave, 773-489-9554) Expensive, but worth it. m.henry(5707 N Clark St, 773-561-1600) Pancakes, baguette French toast, housemade pastries: impressive. Milk & Honey Café(1920 W Division St, 773-395-9434) Delightful in every possible way. Ramova Grill(3510 S Halsted St, 773-847-9058) A little greasy; totally satisfying. Southport Grocery and Café (3552 N Southport Ave, 773-665-0100) Perfect omelettes, fabulous sausage. Sweet Maple Café(1339 W Taylor St, 312-243-8908) But stick to the Southern stuff. Tre Kronor(3258 W Foster Ave, 773-267-9888) Pancakes so good you’ll plan a move to Sweden. Victory’s Banner(2100 W Roscoe St, 773-665-0227) Nothing goes better together than meditation videos and French toast. White Palace Grill(1159 S Canal St, 312-939-7167)Diner food the way it should be.

Army & Lou’s(422 E 75th St, 773-483-3100) Biscuits and gravy, ham steak and dreamy smothered potatoes. Bananas Foster Café(1147 W Granville Ave, 773-262-9855) Sweet service, low prices. BIN 36(339 N Dearborn St, 312-755-9463) Not bad, but priced for tourists. Cozy Corner Diner & Pancake House(2294 N Milwaukee Ave, 773-276-2215) Basic breakfast is good; old-school service is better. Edgebrook Coffee Shop(6322 N Central Ave, 773-792-1433) Crisp hash browns, spot-on eggs. Edna’s(3175 W Madison St, 773-638-7079) Biscuits and sausage are the strengths; coffee and toast are the weaknesses. Heaven on Seven(111 N Wabash Ave, 312-263-6443) The deep-fried banana-pecan French toast should be illegal. Lou Mitchell’s(565 W Jackson Blvd, 312-939-3111) Most of the food disappoints, but the pastries, waffles and atmosphere are spot on. Meli(301 S Halsted St, 312-454-0748) The eggs are good, but it’s got a problem with the French toast and pancakes. Nookies Tree(3334 N Halsted St, 773-248-9888) Solid eggs, decent coffee. Orange(3231 N Clark St, 773-549-4400) Creative French toast, flavorless potatoes. Riverside Café(1656 W Cortland St, 773-278-3354) Nice prices, good coffee. Salt & Pepper Diner(3537 N Clark St, 773-883-9800) Faux-diner feel, but serious about the food. Sunrise Café(2012 W Chicago Ave, 773-276-8290) Remarkably dependable with the details. Tempo(6 E Chestnut St, 312-943-4373) They know eggs—just not how to salt them. Tweet(5020 N Sheridan Rd, 773-728-5576) Upscale quality at diner speed. Vella Cafe(1912 N Western Ave, 773-489-7777) Great coffee, good potatoes, poor pastries.

Ann Sather(909 W Belmont Ave, 773-348-2378) Stick to the cinnamon rolls. Bongo Room(1152 S Wabash Ave, 312-291-0100) We fail to understand the fuss. The Breakfast Club(1381 W Hubbard St, 312-666-2372) Nice setting, sweet-as-pie staff, but it ain’t what it used to be. Caffe de Luca(1721 N Damen Ave, 773-342-6000) Scrambled eggs, delicious coffee: sleeper hits. The rest: eh. Hashbrowns(731 W Maxwell St, 312-226-8000) It hits and misses. Moon’s Sandwich Shop(16 S Western Ave, 312-226-5094) Pitiful coffee, but legendary corned beef. Over Easy Cafe(4943 N Damen Ave, 773-506-2605) Breakfast can be too sweet. This place proves it. Yolk(1120 S Michigan Ave, 312-789-9655) Portions are ridiculously large, but the pluses stop there.


Scott C
Scott C

Army and Lou's has been closed for years. Did you ever hear of Valois "See Your Food" Cafeteria? or The Original Pancake House on 47th? Does anyone at TO ever visit the Southside?