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Quarry Bay
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Best Instagram and photography spots in Quarry Bay

All worthy of a place on your social feed

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Quarry Bay may not be the first neighbourhood that comes to mind when thinking about instagrammable spots in Hong Kong, but the area has a lot more to offer if you’re a budding photographer, or merely looking to change up your Instagram feed. Located in the Eastern District of Hong Kong Island, the area is an eccentric mixture of local residential areas and street markets, towering skyscrapers, and stunning sea views. So, grab your cameras and start exploring the neighbourhood one photo (or a few hundred) at a time. By Tiffany Tsoi

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Instagram and photography spots in Quarry Bay

One Island East: Sky Lobby

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One Island East is more than just an office tower. Make your way up to the 37th floor, which is freely accessible to the public, and check the view. Aptly named the Sky Lobby, the venue's floor to ceiling glass windows lend themselves to breathtaking views of the surrounding Eastern District, as well as Victoria Harbour, creating the perfect illusion as though you're amidst the clouds. And if you're afraid of heights, no worries, the building's architecture itself is a striking beast to photography too.

The Monster Building

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The Monster Building needs little introduction. This conglomeration of five densely packed residential complexes is a must-visit photo spot for locals and tourists alike. It has even served as the backdrop to Hollywood blockbusters like Ghost in the Shell and Transformers: Age of Extinction.

However, if you do decide to visit, make sure you do not disrupt the daily lives of the residents as the building cluster is private property. Don't damage any of their belongings and most importantly, respect their privacy!


Quarry Bay Promenade

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Stretching from Sai Wan Ho to Quarry Bay, the Quarry Bay Promenade offers a picturesque walk along the waterfront, especially during sundown. Giving you plenty of photo ops with unobstructed open space and a sprawling view of the harbour, it's the perfect place to practice your photography skills. 

Island Eastern Corridor underpass

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At the end of your walk along Quarry Bay Promenade, duck beneath the Island Eastern Corridor and take a peek under the highway. The rigid structural features, cool, unsaturated tones, and the fishermen often seen sitting beneath the underpass all combine to give the spot a secluded and pensive vibe worth capturing.


King’s Road

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The entire length of King’s Road through Quarry Bay is photogenic, thanks to the distinct local atmosphere and densely packed residential buildings, as well as trams running along the road – all make perfect frames of street and architecture photography. Spend some time strolling along with your camera and just shoot away, you'll be surprised by how many great shots you end up with! 

North Point Fire Station

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Sitting on the edge of the waterfront between Quarry Bay and North Point, the fire station is not your obvious photography spot. But if you get your compositions right, you'll be able to capture one of the most unique photos. Set your camera in front of the Fire Services Headquarters Building (right next to the station) and you'll instantly see the pop of colours from the folding gates and building facade. Wait for a few passersby to get in frame to add a sense of movement to your photo. It'll take you a few tries but the end result is certainly worth it.

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