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Photograph: Jenny Leung

5 Instagram accounts that capture the unique side of Hong Kong

A quick refresher on what makes this city unique

Jenny Leung
Written by
Jenny Leung

The humdrum of city life makes it easy to forget the things we love about this little town we call home. If you need a reminder of what makes Hong Kong so great, Instagram is the perfect place to start. Aside from talented photographers sharing their stunning cityscape images, some have also made use of the platform by documenting different aspects of our multifaceted city – from iconic filming locations to old shops and historic sites. Here are just some of our favourites.

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A must-follow for fans of Hong Kong cinema, @throwbackhkfilmstory ventures around the city to capture different filming locations from classic Hong Kong flicks. Each photo is thoughtfully taken so that it perfectly aligns with scenes from various movies, inviting its audience to immerse themselves into the cinematic world of Hong Kong. If you would like to explore these places yourself, follow their map (bio link) and have yourself an adventure.


Inspired by Michael Wolf, a German photographer known for his breathtaking depiction of Hong Kong's architecture and urban life, @hkcornerhouses focuses on the unique phenomenon of corner houses in Hong Kong. Aside from the beautiful imagery, you can also find out more about the history of each building or interesting facts about its surrounding neighbourhood.



@streetsignhk is more than just an Instagram account. Founded by architect duo Ken and Kevin, @streetsignhk is a local conservation group dedicated to documenting, preserving, and promoting the cultural heritage of signboards in Hong Kong. Follow these guys to find out the latest projects they’re working on and discover precious signs that are still left in the city.


Hong Kong is filled with charming old shops that speak plenty about the city’s history. Here to shine a light on these decades or even centuries-old shops is @hongkonghistoricalshops. From traditional bakeries and noodle factories to family-owned tailor shops and watchmakers, @hongkonghistoricalshops tells fascinating tales behind each of these treasured gems.



Capturing a side of Hong Kong that's slowly fading, @vanishing.hongkong tell stories with its striking images and lets its audience in on different elements of the city that are well-worth preserving – from the rise of Hong Kong barbershops to the creator's own memories of riding on old vintage buses. If you hear news about something uniquely Hong Kong that's about to disappear, get in touch and tell them your story!

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