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Nine stunning Hong Kong street photographs you need to see

Fall in love with our SAR again or pick up a camera yourself

Kevin Mak, Rainbow In Your Eyes
Photo: Kevin Mak

Hong Kong is a photographer’s dream, for neophytes and veterans alike, with its combination of the old and new, where nature is within walking distance of the city streets. So it’s only understandable that our hometown is continually captured in the form of jaw-dropping images. Here are nine of our favourites, which enthusiasts can also take home in the shape of a print from Bamboo Scenes Gallery and Blue Lotus Gallery – two of Hong Kong’s best art galleries for photography that you shouldn’t miss.

9 amazing Hong Kong street photographs you need to see

Elaine Li, Ten Years
Photo: Elaine Li

Ten Years

Photographer:  Elaine Li
Boasting an impressive Instagram following in the hundreds of thousands, this Hongkonger is a master of visual storytelling. A keen urban explorer as well, Elaine Li captures the various layers of her hometown and showcases its beauty from different perspectives. 

Image: Courtesy of Bamboo Scenes

Gideon de Kock, Coffee Silhouette
Photo: Gideon de Kock

Coffee Silhouette

Photographer: Gideon de Kock
Known for his documentary photography, South African-born Hong Kong-based artist Gideon de Kock is obsessed with
film photography. His candid-style has led to images like this one, which captures both the crowded and lonely side Hong Kong. 

Image: Courtesy of Bamboo Scenes

Kevin Mak, Rainbow In Your Eyes
Photo: Kevin Mak

Rainbow In Your Eyes

Photographer: Kevin Mak
Kevin Mak manages to seize seemingly ordinary street scenes from a fresh perspective. Whether it’s how the image is framed or the reflections of street signs, Hong Kong is never 

Image: Courtesy of Bamboo Scenes

May James, Sounds of Silence
Photo: May James

Sounds of Silence

Photographer:  May James
Preferring to work, though not exclusively, in black-and-white photography, May James has the ability to capture light and shadow and candid street scenes like no other. 

Michael Wolf, 'Architecture of Density' #8b

'Architecture of Density' #8b

Photographer: Michael Wolf
A former photojournalist who has worked throughout Europe, Hong Kong-based Michael Wolf is widely recognised by critics and photography enthusiasts. His Architecture of Density series, in particular, highlights the beauty of Hong Kong’s tightly packed cityscape.

Image: Courtesy of Blue Lotus Gallery

Michael Kistler, Secrets & Lies
Photo: Michael Kistler

Secrets & Lies

Photographer:  Michael Kistler
Specialising in fine art street photography, Michael Kistler is all about using unconventional perspectives to showcase the beauty of everyday situations and to capture fleeting moments. 

Image: Courtesy of Bamboo Scenes

Tricia Darling, The Jig in Up
Tricia Darling

The Jig is Up

Photographer: Tricia Darling
Hailing from a small country town in Western Australia, Tricia Darling spent years in London and Dubai honing her craft before making Hong Kong her home in 2011. Darling tends to seek out the layers and juxtaposition of the city to capture special moments like this shot here.

Image: Courtesy of Bamboo Scenes

Derry Ainsworth, Pastel Hills
Photo: Derry Ainsworth

Pastel Hills

Photographer: Derry Ainsworth
This well-established locally based photographer is familiar to many thanks to his colourful yet edgy works of the city. His Break of Nature series, in particular, is a wonderful reflection of Hong Kong’s relationship between concrete and nature, highs and lows. 

Image: Courtesy of Bamboo Scenes

Christopher Lim, Everything That's Left Ain't Right
Photo: Christopher Lim

Everything That's Left Ain't Right

Photographer: Christopher Lim
Also a big fan of film photography, Christopher Lim primarily shoots Hong Kong’s city streets. Many of Lim’s raw photos feature unsuspecting subjects. 

Image: Courtesy of Bamboo Scenes

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