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Kevin Mak, Rainbow In Your Eyes
Kevin Mak

7 stunning Hong Kong street photographs you need to see

See the best of our city through a lens

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Time Out Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a photographer's dream with its contrasting combination of old and new, nature versus urban landscape – all just within walking distance. So it's no wonder that our hometown is continually captured in the form of jaw-dropping images by talented photographers all around the world. We've put together nine of our favourite images that will remind you just how amazing this city is – no matter what it's going through. 

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7 amazing Hong Kong street photographs you need to see

Photographer:  Elaine Li

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Elaine Li is a master of visual storytelling. As a keen urban explorer as well, Li is able to capture the various layers of the city and showcase its beauty from different perspectives. 


Photographer: Kevin Mak

Kevin Mak manages to seize seemingly ordinary street scenes from a fresh perspective. Whether it’s how the image is framed or the reflections of street signs, Hong Kong is a never-ending playground for his creativity.

Photographer: Tricia Darling

Hailing from a small country town in Western Australia, Tricia Darling spent years in London and Dubai honing her craft before making Hong Kong her home in 2011. Darling tends to seek out the layers and juxtaposition of the city to capture special moments like this shot here.


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