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Hung Fook Tong
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Where to get healthy drinks and tonics in Hong Kong

It’s prime time to keep illness at bay

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Time Out Hong Kong

The sudden drop in temperature, which seems to make some of us break out the ski jackets in Hong Kong (no judgement here!), can cause colds, flu and general illness. Not to mention the ongoing outbreak is still at large, so taking care of your health is so important, now more than ever. With that in mind, here are the best healthy drinks and elixirs to try as an alternative to medicine. By Elaine Wong and Fontaine Cheng

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Where to get healthy drinks in Hong Kong

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  • Causeway Bay

Many Hongkongers are familiar with Wai Yuen Tong, a prestigious manufacturer of Chinese medicine since it was founded in 1897. Using traditional methods, while keeping in time with contemporary ingredients, Wai Yuen Tong has recently launched the ‘Energy Plus+’ series of ready-to-drink Korean red ginseng extract, packaged in sachets of ten per box ($298). Containing six-year-old Korean red ginseng root, jujube, blueberry concentrate, honey, and grapefruit seed extract, this essence is said to have anti-ageing and anti-fatigue properties, as well as increasing vitality for men. Take note, guys!

‘Energy Plus+’ and other products from the line can be found at all Wai Yuen Tong outlets in Hong Kong and Macau, on their e-shop, and HKTV Mall.

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  • Causeway Bay

CheckCheckCin was founded upon the preventative principles of traditional Chinese medicine. The brand advocates a balanced lifestyle and uses Chinese medicine to inform decisions on healthy food and drinks. If you’re not a fan of bitter medicines, CheckCheckCin’s signature rice waters could be a good alternative and addition to your diet. These rice waters are made with boiled red rice, white rice, coix seeds, and other ingredients which all contribute to maintaining your health in general. To cope with the dry weather, check out the osmanthus and pear rice water ($15/pack, $180/case of 12), which is their latest limited-edition product meant for those with dry skin and a sore throat. 

Products are available in all CheckCheckCin branches, ParknShop, and select retailers. They can also be ordered online – see their Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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With a Hung Fook Tong in every other MTR station, this Chinese soup chain is the go-to for many Hongkongers looking for a healthy and refreshing drink to have on the go. Founded in 1986 as a specialist for traditional herbal tea, Hung Fook Tong has since expanded into a brand that sells all sorts of nourishing food and beverages, such as herbal jelly, Chinese soup, dessert, and herbal tea, amongst others. To combat the dryness this season and to nourish the lungs, we recommend the sea coconut drink with chuan bei and pear ($28), or the apple, pear, and fig tea ($28) to moisturise your body.

Until November 30, you can also enjoy a discount of buying five bottles of herbal teas for $100, and eight for $150. Take a look at their website and Facebook for more details.

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  • Yuen Long

Another well known brand for healthy food and drinks in Hong Kong is HealthWorks. With almost 60 items on their menu this season, there is something for everyone. Try the water chestnut drink with fresh cogongrass rhizome, and sugar cane tea ($32), which is a great thirst-quencher and loved for its natural sweetness and nourishing qualities. In addition, the Himalayas sea buckthorn, apricot, and coix seed drink ($35 per bottle, or $50 for two until November 16) is said to help blood circulation and can be beneficial to keeping a healthy heart and other internal organs.

HealthWorks products are available in branches across the city, many of which you would see in MTR stations, and are often sold in supermarkets as well. You could also check out their e-shop and their range of goods on HKTV Mall.

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  • Sheung Wan

Another traditional Chinese medicine manufacturer from the 1890s is Eu Yan Sang. They offer a whole host of natural health products and tonics including items such as bird's nest, lingzhi, ginseng, cordyceps, and much more to nourish the body. Their newest product, Bak Foong Essence ($89/box of six sachets), is targeted towards those suffering from PMS, period pains, and poor blood circulation. Consisting of ginseng, Chinese angelica, collagen, and other ingredients, Bak Foong Essence is said to help relieve menstrual cramps, regulate blood flow, and revive your skin.

Eu Yan Sang products are available in-store and online – check their website and social media for the latest updates.

Looking for more healthy options? Check out the food options below!

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