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Hong Kong skyline
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Are we still proud to be living in Hong Kong? Take our Time Out Index survey to find out

Written by
Dorothy So

Last year, we asked 15,000 people from 32 cities across the globe to answer some important questions about the cities they lived in. Questions like, if money were no object, where would they like to call home? – to which most Hongkongers happily said that there was nowhere else they’d rather be than the good ol’ 852.

Now, a year on, we want to find out if that is still true. With all the things that seemingly fill us with rage about this city – from PDA on the MTR to people who stand on the wrong side of the escalator – will the majority of us still say that we’re happy to stay put? Are we, for example, still as in love with the city’s dining scene as we were a year ago, when nine out of ten respondents claimed they’d eaten out in the last week? What else do we love about this magnificent concrete jungle and what are the things that drive us mad about it? We’re looking to get to the bottom of these questions and more – and we need your help.

Take the Time Out Index 2019 now and tell us all about life in Hong Kong today. The survey is fun and anonymous, it takes about ten minutes, and when you’re done, we’ll reveal your soul city – the place that’s your best match, based on your survey answers. Let’s see if you get Hong Kong.

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