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13 more things that fill Hongkongers with rage

More things that get on our collective nerves

13 more things that fill Hongkongers with rage

We Hongkongers love a good rant. While we take pride in our fast-paced and efficient cit, there are those occassional annoyances that we just can't let go of. So, it comes as no surprise that it's pretty easy to find 11 things that fill us with rage. But there are many more issues that get us ticked off in our everyday lives. So without further ado, here are 13 more things that piss Hongkongers off. 

More things that fill Hongkongers with rage

MTR escalator

People who stand on the left of the escalator

We all know about the rule. Don’t lie. You stand on the right side of the escalator if you want to chill and take your time as you slowly descend/ascend. And the left side is reserved for actual walking and not for you to block up the whole queue. Stop wasting people’s time and move out of the way!

Elevator buttons

People who stand next to the close button in the elevator and don’t press it

I mean how hard is it and stick out your finger and press a single button when it’s right there next to you? It’s not rocket science. But no, instead, we’ll all just stand in awkward silence in a tiny box and wait until the elevator’s automatic timer closes. Ridiculous, kind of.

Woman trying to catch the elevator

People who shut the lift in your face

Speaking of which, what about those assholes who couldn’t wait a few extra seconds to hold the door or elevator for people who are literally one step away? Where do you need to be that you couldn’t wait for a few more seconds? Are people’s lives at stake? No. You’re just a douche. And if people's lives are at stake? Fine, we retract our complaint. 

MTR Screen Doors

People who stand in front of the MTR doors

Your attempts to be the first on the train (congrats on that by the way) simply blocks people from exiting the carriage. To those annoying folks? Chill. Seriously. Being first on the train won’t make the MTR move any faster. So have the decency to let people out first before shoving in. Just stand off to the side and give it a few seconds for people to get off. It’s really not that hard.

Pedestrian taking up the whole street

A group of people taking up the width of the pavement

Yeah, we get it. You’re all best mates. Every breath is a gift. You all have to stick together to keep that top-quality banter going. But there’s really no need for the whole group to stand in a row and take up the whole pedestrian walkway. We can’t even walk around to the front without some a-holes blocking the way. Would it kill you to walk in pairs or even as a trio?

Woman holding umbrella

People who use umbrellas on perfectly sunny days

We get it. UV rays are harmful. We need to protect our beautiful faces from developing dark spots and freckles (and, you know, melanoma). But seriously, are umbrellas the best option? Hong Kong streets are already ridiculously packed and busy, there’s no need to add umbrellas to the equation and risk getting our eyes poked out. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to sunscreen.

Man angry on the phone

Trying to cancel any subscription

Whether it’s a phone contract, internet service, cable television or gym memberships, it matters not because it’s almost impossible to cancel any subscription in Hong Kong. At least not without receiving a passive-aggressive speech why it’s a great deal to keep the subscription or trying to sell another. No, I don’t need five extra sim cards or enjoy freebies like a beach towel. Like wow. What a bargain.

MTR ticket barrier

Ticket barrier hold-ups

Almost everyone in Hong Kong has a Octopus Card. They’re the most convenient tool for travelling around on public transport. So why does it still come as a surprise to people when they reach the ticket barrier that they need their Octopus? They end up holding up dozens of commuters behind them, especially during rush hour. Just have your cards/wallets ready, thank you.

Woman with umbrella in a typhoon

T8 landing on a weekend

Whenever we hear there’s a typhoon coming, excitement builds for the off-chance of having a day off. A T8 is already a rare occurence, but really, does it have to hit on Sunday? On a day we’re already off work? Not only have we missed out on a bonus holiday, we can't enjoy our Sunday properly. Maybe the Li Ka Shing weather machine conspiracy theory has some truth to it.  

Organic spa
Calvin Sit

People trying to sell products during a pampering

The time during a facial, hair cut or manicure is sacred. It’s a special moment to relax, zone out and enjoy well-deserved you time. But this small mercy is ruined when the shop assistants start pushing their products in your face, giving you a whole spiel on why you need the crappy moisturiser. 

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