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It’s official: Hongkongers hate selfie-takers but love their city

Written by
Douglas Parkes

We’ve been detailing the things that fill Hongkongers with rage and drive us mad, but we’ve been holding back on the worst culprits. No longer, though. Now it’s official. The biggest aggravators according to the results of our Time Out City Life Index – a poll of 15,000 people from 32 cities around the world – reveal that Hongkongers loathe most selfie-takers and people talking loudly on their phones. Which is all somewhat ironic given that top of residents’ list of things they couldn’t get through a day without – far more so than a nice cuddle, apparently – were checking their social media and emails accounts. Go figure.

But enough with the negativity. Perhaps surprisingly, given the political unrest ever since Occupy, many of us are actually pretty happy to be in Hong Kong. A whopping 81 percent are proud to be here in the 852 – that’s a higher percentage than in neighbouring Time Out cities like Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing and Bangkok. And when asked if money were no object, which city would they’d live in, it was good ol’ Hong Kong that came out top. In response to what makes our SAR so great, the most common answers were how safe the city is and how ‘it doesn't feel like anywhere else on earth’.

In perhaps less shocking news, respondents to our survey claimed it’s easier to get laid than it is to make new friends. Well, one can lead to the other, right? Okay, maybe that’s the wrong order to go about things, but in case you’re looking for help this Valentine’s Day, check out our guide to Feb 14 and Hong Kong’s sexy underbelly.

Hongkongers remain food mad. Nine out of ten respondents said they’d eaten out in the last week and a slightly depressing 53 percent said they’d had to grab lunch and eat at their desk. Our food of choice? Dim sum. Read our take on the city’s best places for dim sum in case you’re suddenly feeling peckish.

Elsewhere on the planet, Chicago topped the list of the world’s best cities, for a second year, followed by Porto, New York, Melbourne and London. You can find out what makes the Windy City such a great place to live here. Other weird and wonderful findings were that Parisians have the most sex, Washington DC is the dating capital, Austin is number one for live music and Mexico City is the most cultured.

For more insights into the City Life Index, check out some global stats below:

City Life infographic

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