Digital payment platform approved for Hong Kong taxis

A Hong Kong fintech company won the Transport Department’s approval

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Catharina Cheung
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Hong Kong taxis
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Hong Kong has a fantastic public transport system, including a fleet of approximately 18,000 taxis ferrying citizens around at a relatively affordable rate – though the one complaint that taxis garner the most is that the majority still only accept cash payments. Luckily, Hong Kong fintech company Wonder, a subsidiary of Bindo Labs, has won approval from the Transport Department to install its system in local taxis so they can finally accept digital payments.

Taxi Pay x Wonder, called Taxi Pay for short, is a system that allows users to choose from 18 types of digital payment. Just like any other form of digital payment these days, users can expect to either scan a QR code or tap cards on a payment terminal. Passengers paying via UnionPay can enjoy a 10 percent discount on their fare, and will have the handling fee waived for two months, while Alipay users should take note of a 3.5 percent handling fee. Visa, MasterCard, JCB, WeChat Pay, Discover, Diners, and FPS users can enjoy a waived handling fee until June 30, with a possibility of extension to the end of the year.

Of course, this new tool will be rolled out gradually, and Wonder is offering to install their smart taximeters and smart payment terminals for free for the first 2,000 taxis to sign up for the platform. The plan is for Taxi Pay to be installed in 8,000 cabs by this December.

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