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IU concert Hong Kong 2024: Tickets, dates, and everything you need to know

The sensational Korean singer-songwriter returns to Hong Kong after five years

Cara Hung
Cherry Chan
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Cara Hung
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Cherry Chan

South Korean pop star IU, aka the ‘nation’s little sister’, will be performing in Hong Kong on May 25 and 26 as part of her ongoing world tour. We’ve gathered all the key information you need to know before IU’s concerts take place, so you’ll be able to have fun and sing your heart out all evening!

Where and when will IU’s concert be in Hong Kong?

IU’s ‘2024 H.E.R World Tour’ will be held in Hong Kong on May 25 at 7pm, and May 26 at 6pm at AsiaWorld-Arena.

How much are tickets to IU’s concert?

Tickets to IU's concerts are priced from $680, $980, $1,480, and $1,680. All tickets for the concert are seated. 

How do I get tickets for IU’s concert?

Unfortunately, all tickets to the Korean pop star’s shows on May 25 and 26 are sold out.

What is Hong Kong’s setlist for IU?

Although there isn’t an official setlist for IU’s performances in Hong Kong, here’s the setlist from her most recent concert in Jakarta on April 27.

1. Holssi
2. Jam Jam
3. Ah Puh
4. Bbibbi
5. Obliviate
6. Celebrity
7. Blueming
8. Coin
9. Eight
10. I Stan U
11. Havana
12. Meaning of You
13. Strawberry Moon (acoustic version)
14. Through The Night
15. Shopper
16. Above The Time
17. You&I
18. Love Wins All
19. Shh..
20. Twenty-three
21. Holssi (rock version)
22. Knees
23. Someday
24. Give You my Heart
25. Hold My Hand
26. Palette

Where can I buy official IU merchandise?

Hong Kong Uaenas, you’re in luck. An IU pop-up store has opened on Sai Street in Sheung Wan, and fans will be able to purchase a variety of official merchandise such as light sticks, keyring accessories, photocards, and more. Additionally, the pop-up store will also sell a Hong Kong-exclusive t-shirt that comes in two colourways. The pop-up store will only be in town from now until May 30.

Will there be bag checks?

Bag searches will be held prior to entering the event hall. Concert attendees who aren’t carrying bags will be allowed to enter the event hall in express admission lanes. All professional cameras, voice or video recorders, stools and foldable chairs, long umbrellas, selfie sticks, remote-controlled aerial devices, and any hazardous tools are prohibited inside the venue. AsiaWorld-Expo also provides baggage storage services and self-service lockers to store your belongings if needed.

What other countries will IU visit for her world tour?

IU’s 2024 concert will span across 18 different cities and will kick off in Seoul during March. Other cities that IU will visit include Singapore, Manila, Berlin, Newark, Rosemont, Yokohama, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Atlanta, Oakland, Taipei, London, Osaka, Washington D.C, and Los Angeles.

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