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Lin Heung Tea House
Photograph: Joshua Lin

Historic restaurant Lin Heung Lau has reopened after two years

This tea house has been in Central for over 100 years

Catharina Cheung
Written by
Catharina Cheung

One of Hong Kong’s oldest restaurants, Lin Heung Lau, has suddenly announced a grand reopening on April 1, 2024. A historic tea house on Central’s Wellington Street, this restaurant has been in our city for over 104 years, and is well-known for serving dim sum on old-school trolleys.

Lin Heung Tea House has been through some rough patches in its time. Back in early 2019, their landlord failed to renew their lease and it was set to close, but the restaurant was saved by the skin of its teeth when its employees took over through a joint venture. Things went well until August 2022, when the management decided it could no longer go on as a result of the pandemic.

Luckily, the sun has not yet set fully on this traditional dim sum parlour, as Lin Heung Lau has once again reopened after being away for two years. While tea and dim sum will be served as they always have in the restaurant proper, they’ve also made an effort to modernise their offerings, introducing trendy hand-shaken drinks to go from their ground floor space. We’re just glad this isn’t the last we’re seeing of its iconic bamboo steamers on trolleys.

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