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Hong Kong weather typhoon
Photograph: AFP/Isaac Lawrence

Hongkongers can now vote for their favourite typhoon names that best reflect the city

Milk tea, dim sum, and Bruce Lee – which one gets your vote?

Jenny Leung
Written by
Jenny Leung

The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) has recently launched the online voting stage for the Tropical Cyclone Name Collection Activity, allowing Hongkongers to vote for different typhoon names that they feel best reflect our city's identity while raising public awareness and knowledge of the potential dangers of tropical cyclones.

Hong Kong Observatory, Typhoon name voting
Photograph: Courtesy

Numerous suggested names were collected during the campaign's initial stage, they were then shortlisted down to a total of 40 names that reference everything from unique Hong Kong food, like 'Milktea' and 'Dim-sum', to local icons ('Siu-lung'; the stage name of martial art superstar Bruce Lee), traditions ('Fo-lung'; Fire dragon dance performed during the Mid-Autumn Festival), and flowers ('Hibiscus'; a common flower in Hong Kong). Out of this selection, voters can choose up to 20 of their favourite names.

Hong Kong Observatory souvenirs
Photograph: Courtesy Hong Kong Observatory

Visit to give in your votes before it ends on January 7, 2024. Each participant can only vote once and results will be announced tentatively within the month. The 20 names that receive the highest number of votes will be added to the reserve list of tropical cyclone names for Hong Kong. Voters will also have the chance to win a set of HKO souvenirs.

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