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Google reveals what Hongkongers searched for the most in 2023

A look back on the year through online searches

Jenny Leung
Written by
Jenny Leung

As we close in on the end of this year, Google Hong Kong's Year in Search 2023 has rounded up different local and international headlines, people, and pop culture that Hongkongers searched for the most this year.  

Photograph: AFP/Libby HoganRecord rainfall in Hong Kong causes widespread flooding

Google Hong Kong 2023 Top Trending Local News 

The most popular topic in local news this year was the tragic murder case of Abby Choi, a 28-year-old Hong Kong model, socialite, and influencer, whose life was cut short when her ex-husband and former in-laws murdered her in cold blood, and then proceeded to dismember her body, boil her skull, and shred her limbs through a meat grinder.

Other noteworthy news headlines include the suspected fraudulent cryptocurrency trading platform JPEX; typhoon Koinu, the black rainstorm signal, as well as local government policies such as the consumption vouchers, mask-wearing requirements, and the Home Ownership Scheme.

Google Hong Kong 2023 Top Trending Movies

The Hong Kong movie box office got off to an impressive start in 2023 with A Guilty Conscience crossing the $100 million mark and claiming the top spot on this year's list of top trending movies. The film, starring Hong Kong comedian and actor Dayo Wong, revolves around a woman wrongly accused of murder and an attorney who tries to prove her innocence.

Joining the film are five other local productions that captivated audiences, including In Broad Daylight, To My Nineteen-Year-Old Self, Time Still Turns the Pages, The Sparring Partner (claiming its post on the list two years in a row), and Where the Wind Blows

Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong
Photograph: Courtesy AFP/Peter Parks

Google Hong Kong 2023 Top Trending Local Events

Looks like our city is filled with bookworms as the most searched local event on Google this year was the Hong Kong Book Fair! Apart from the literal affair, the city also saw a variety of events take place throughout the year, with other top trending ones being the Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong, HKTDC Food Expo, Clockenflap, Night Vibes Hong Kong, Hong Kong Flower Show, and who can forget about the rubber ducks

If you want to see other trending lists for Google’s Year in Search 2023, visit for more.

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