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Jumbo Floating Restaurant
Photograph: ShutterstockJumbo Floating Restaurant

Jumbo Floating Restaurant bids Hong Kong goodbye next month

One of the city’s most iconic tourist attractions sets sail

Cherry Chan
Written by Cherry Chan

Located in the quiet neighbourhood of Aberdeen, the Jumbo Floating Restaurant has been a long-standing monument as one of Hong Kong’s most iconic tourist attractions. After temporarily halting operations from March 3, 2020, Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises, the restaurant’s parent company, reached an agreement with the government to be part of the ‘Invigorating Island South’ initiative and donate the restaurant to Ocean Park. However, due to the high operating costs and the lack of donations, the intended plan fell through. 

Despite ceasing operations, the restaurant still requires a substantial amount of funds for maintenance and repairs every year. The restaurant’s operating licence will also be expiring next month, and with the praya filling up leaving no docking space, the restaurant has not been able to carry out its triennial large-scale checkup. As a result, the restaurant will be leaving Hong Kong next month in June. Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises is currently on the lookout for ways to cut costs, but it is likely that the vessel will not be returning to our shores.

Split into an elegant banquet hall, kitchen, and storage space, the Jumbo Floating Restaurant is made up of three separate ships forming the behemoth restaurant. There’s even a fish pond on the boat filled with all kinds of fresh seafood. Boasting a whopping 45,000sq ft space, the restaurant can cater to more than 2,300 diners at full capacity, holding the title as the world’s largest floating restaurant. 

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