Ovolo’s quarantine concierge is back to serve returning Hongkongers

Expect a relaxing accommodation that comes with special services that support the guest's physical and mental wellbeing

Tatum Ancheta
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Tatum Ancheta
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Last year, Ovolo Hotel launched a 14-night quarantine concierge service accommodating returning Hongkongers looking for a relaxing and no-fuss stay while whiling away the isolation. The programme successfully hosted 1,500 guests who quarantined with the hotel last year and Ovolo Southside is bringing the service back to returning Hong Kong residents. Guests can expect a relaxing accommodation that comes with special services that support physical and mental wellbeing. 

Complimentary food and drinks

Inbound travellers are required to quarantine for 21-days upon arrival in Hong Kong, but given the changing nature of the social distancing regulations in the city, this may revert back to 14-days once the city sees a decline in positive cases. With this in mind, Ovolo hotel will automatically update existing booking to reflect this change without any hassle from guests.  

The accommodation package will come with a dedicated quarantine concierge who can take care of the guests' daily essentials errands like buying and also drop off items for the guests. The quarantine concierge perks include a welcome minibar and snacks with weekly replenishment, daily in-room set breakfast, free local calls, in-room Apple TV, and a daily complimentary happy hour delivered to the room. The package also comes with premium access to Wi-Fi. Ovolo Southside has upgraded to WiFi 6 – the only hotel in Hong Kong to do so – allowing guests uninterrupted fast online connection.  

In-room gym gears

Ovolo is also committed to making sure that the guests stay fit and healthy both mentally and physically. Gym gears will be fitted in each room, complete with a yoga mat, gliders, and resistance bands. Guests can join Ovolo's daily step challenges and win various treats from the hotel. There is also an option for add-on services like setting up a walking treadmill, dumbbells, and foam roller, and ordering a sleep kit, detox package, and immunity booster pack courtesy of LifeHub. 

For guests looking for various meal options, Komune's head chef Raul Tronco Calahorra has created a new menu that features vegetarian, healthy, or indulgent dishes that include multiple cuisines, including Western, Indian, Mexican, amongst others. Guests can have an option in building their own meal box based on their dietary requirements. And finally, Ovolo will bid farewell to the guest with a special bottle of bubbly delivered to the room when the quarantine is over.   

Aside from the current services catering to returning Hongkongers' needs, Ovolo hotel is also reaching out to organisations who have access to stranded Hong Kong residents from abroad experiencing financial difficulties. If you would like to know more about this initiative or if you have leads that will connect Ovolo to said parties, contact for any information.

The quarantine concierge is only available at Ovolo Southside, the hotel will be available for quarantining guests starting January 30, 2021. Guests who want a stay at Ovolo Central or Sheung Wan can contact the hotel for special arrangements. Visit for more information. 

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