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This pizza-eating contest pits man against pie as well as the clock

Written by
Craig Sauers

It’s been all quiet on the food challenge front for some time. Now, thanks to Mother of Pizzas, that’s all about to change. Between May 17 and June 15, visit the Causeway Bay pizzeria to test your consumption prowess with what’s being called ‘the first Hong Kong pizza-eating contest’ and stand a chance of winning $10,000.  

Unlike challenges that blitz the senses with spice or outrageously large food items (eg. this Olympic-sized discus of a burger), this pizza-eating contest is all about speed. Contestants have to eat an 18-inch pizza — one-half Summer of Love, featuring pineapple, capicola, Italian sausage and a drizzle of chilli-infused honey, and one-half Super Saiyan, a pizza packed with pepperoni, fresh basil, garlic and bocconcini — as quickly as possible. The six fastest eaters to finish the whole thing during the promotional period move on to the final round (yes, you’ll do this twice) on June 22. The fastest of those six to eat it all walks away with ten grand.

Do you have the literal guts to win this contest? The price for the pizza during the pre-finals promo is only $199, so there’s not much to lose (apart from pride). Mother of Pizzas also promises free pizza bites and beer during the final round, which is set to take place at 3pm on June 22. But if you’re more into schadenfreude than good pizza, you can also watch the finals live on Facebook and say that you were there. 

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