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Eating and drinking challenges in Hong Kong

It’s girl vs. food as Holly Graham gets competitive and scopes out Hong Kong’s best eating and drinking challenges.

In eating challenges, no one’s really a winner, but it’s all in the name of gastronomic prowess, so unhinge your jaw, limber up your tongue, stretch your stomach and get ready to tackle Hong Kong’s best eating and drinking challenges.

Eating and drinking challenges


The Ten Taco Challenge: Eat ten beef or vegetarian tacos in two minutes.

The prize: If you finish them all, you get the tacos for free, a 20% VIP discount for your next visit and your photo on the winner’s wall.

The price: $199.

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Tsim Sha Tsui

Geronimo Shot Bar

The 15 Shot Challenge: Take 15 different shots over the course of the night.

The prize: A free t-shirt and your very own plaque on the wall.

The price: Prices vary depending on the shots chosen.

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The 12 Slider Challenge: Finish 12 sliders in 10 minutes.

The prize: Finish them all within 10 minutes and the sliders will be on the house.

The price: $488.

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The 10 Shot Challenge: Drink 10 shots as fast as you can to beat one of the current top ten records.

The prize: If you manage to become one of Marlin’s top 10 champions, your name and photo will be posted on Marlin’s Facebook and a board at the bar.

The price: $198.

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The Raging Bull Burger Challenge: Running from 13 March to 16 April as part of the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens festivities, diners are challenged to finish the gigantic Raging Bull Burger made with 800 gm prime beef and fries within 40 minutes without help. Two players can attempt to finish the Raging Bull Burger and 7 bottled beers within 30 minutes.

The prize: The burger will be on the house.

The price: $666 for one, $888 for two.

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Wan Chai

Paisano's (Sai Kung)

The Pizza Challenge: Eat an entire 24 inch margherita pizza with one friend in 20 minutes or less. You’ll need to reserve 24 hours ahead of time.

The prize: You’ll get the pizza for free and your names will be placed on the board along with your time. If you fail you need to give an extra $100 to charity, so everyone’s a winner!

The price: $195.

This challenge is only available at Paisano's Sai Kung outlet

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Clearwater Bay

Sweet Tooth

The Waffle Super Big Mac Challenge: Eat a tower of nine waffles in 45 minutes. This leaning tower of waffles is smothered with whipped cream, chestnut cream, ice cream, Oreos, ladyfingers, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, red bean paste and chocolate syrup.

The prize: The waffles and all the trimmings will be on the house.

The price: $208.

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Tsim Sha Tsui

The Big Bite

The Homicide Hot Wings Challenge: Finish six homicide hot wings in less than three minutes and then last a further three minutes without a drink.

The prize: A badge and place on the wall of honour.

The price: $150.

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North Point

The Keg

The Half Yard of Ale Challenge: Beat whatever the current record is for drinking a half yard of ale in the fastest time.

The prize: You’ll get your name on the wall and a free Keg jersey.

The price: $65.

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Verde Mar

The Habanero Chicken Wing Challenge: Finish five habanero wings within three minutes without a drink and no drink for three minutes thereafter. The current record holder to finish the five wings is 41 seconds and the success rate is only 5%.

The prize: You’ll get a snazzy commemorative souvenir card with your photo as well as your photo on the wall of fame. The wings will be free for challengers who rank within the top three.

The price: $98.

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Wan Chai