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Eight mouth-watering Christmas buffets in Hong Kong

All we want for Christmas are all-you-can-feast meals

The Astor The Global Feast Christmas2019
The Astor
By Sarah Moran |

If you're anything like us, after weeks spent whittling down your gift shopping list and wrapping up all the late-night holiday parties, you're more than ready to just kick back, let go and relax. So during the one season a year where you have every excuse to treat yourself, throw your diet out of the door and head to one of these festive buffets. Whether you're searching for a classic Christmas roast or craving Japanese food, there's something on this list for everyone.

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Eight mouth-watering Christmas buffets in Hong Kong

Harbour Plaza Buffet 2019
Harbour Plaza Hotel

Harbour Plaza Metropolis: 70 metre buffet table

Hung Hom

Harbour Plaza Hotel's Snowy Jolly Christmas seafood dinner buffet is offering us an impressive 70-metre-long buffet table that offers more than 200 international dishes, including 15 types of seafood such as oyster, boiled lobster, Japanese-style boiled snail, steamed baby abalone with chili XO Sauce, as well as and adorable snowman-themed desserts. There's even a real-life Santa Claus and music band in the restaurant on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Must-eat: Steamed baby abalone with chilli XO sauce, fried duck liver, fried salted egg yolk lobster.

Date, Time and Price

Dec 24 First Round 5.30pm-8pm;Second Round 8.15pm-10.30pm. Adult $868/ Child $668

Dec 25 First Round 5.30pm-8pm;Second Round 8.15pm-10.30pm. Adult $808/ Child $608

Dec 31 First Round 5.30pm-8pm. Adult $638/ Child $438 ; Second Round 8.30pm-11pm. Adult $938/ Child $718

The Astor The Global Feast Christmas2019
The Astor
Restaurants, Buffet

The Astor: Christmas feast from ten countries


Mix up your typical Christmas day menu and expand your horizons with food from around the world at The Aston. This year, the restaurant is celebrating the festive season with its Global Gourmet Christmas Buffet, offering up holiday delicacies from ten different countries – think American Roast Turkey, German Roast Goose, Filipino-style suckling pig, the Italian 'Feast of the Seven Fishes', Mexican roast rip eye steak with whiskey sauce, French Bûche de Noël (chestnut log cake) and so much more. What's more, seafood lovers shouldn't miss the lavish seafood selection on offer, which includes everything from fresh oysters and Boston lobster to Japanese sashimi.

Must-eat: Baked lobster, Filipino suckling pig

Date, Time and Price:

Dec 24 -25 6.30pm-9.30pm. Adult $799/ Child $579

Dec 26 6.30pm-9.30pm. Adult $699/ Child $429

Café Renaissance

Café Renaissance: high-quality seafood

Wan Chai

Famous for its high-quality seafood, Cafe Renaissance's Christmas buffet offers freshly steamed lobster, fresh oysters, Alaskan crab feet, Asian green mussel, and a variety of sashimi, as well as the Christmas staple roast turkey, beef ribs and honey-baked ham. Main course aside, help yourself to the dozens of adorable Christmas themed desserts. Also included in the buffet are unlimited fruit juices and soft drinks, party gifts, and a special appearance from Santa Claus himself.

Must-eat: Freshly steamed lobster, grilled steak 

Date, Time and Price

Dec 24-25 First Round 5.30pm-7.45pm;Second Round 8.30pm-11pm Adult $738/ Child $438

Dec 31 6.30pm-10pm Adult $738/ Child $438

On Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, the buffet dinner will cost $938 for adults, with an additional Gold Medal Black Angus Axe Ribeye Steak (approximately two kilograms) or a Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut Champagne for four guests, and 10 grams of caviar per guest (minimum four people).

Garden Cafe Festive Buffet
Garden Cafe
Restaurants, Cafés

Garden Café: outdoor grill

Sham Shui Po

If you can't curl up by the fireplace this Christmas, you can still curl up by the outdoor grill at Garden Café with their regular menu of roasted meat, Margherita pizza, as well as buffalo cheese, tomato and basil served on crispy crepes, along with a seasonal menu of salmon coulibiac, grilled turkey, grilled Japanese beef and more.

Must-eat: Boston Lobster, braised lobster, French edible crab, grilled Australian lamb rack

Date, Time and Price

Dec 24 First Round 5.30pm-8pm;Second Round 8.15pm-10.30pm. Adult $988/ Child $648

Dec 25 First Round 5.30pm-8pm;Second Round 8.15pm-10.30pm. Adult $788/ Child $548

Dec 31 First Round 6pm-8.30pm. Adult $988/ Child $498 ; Second Round 8.45pm - 12am. Adult $1,088/ Child $598

Bistro on the Mile
Bistro on the Mile

Bistro on the Mile: Late-night openings

Tsim Sha Tsui

Here, seafood takes the spotlight. Expect unmissable dishes like fresh oysters, Boston lobster, emerald green snail, Japanese anchovies and an array of special barbecued seafood dishes. There's no shortage of festive dishes – Christmas roast turkey, honey glazed ham, beef wellington – but there are even more non-traditional favourites such as Spanish paella, tempura shrimp and fried soft shell crab, stir-fried lobster with ginger and spring onion, lobster with black bean sauce, basa fish with black bean sauce, roasted pig knuckles, fish maw chicken soup and so much more. During the holiday season, the restaurant will be open until the wee hours of the morning, perfect for those late-night dinner dates with friends. 

Must-eat: Beef Wellington, Spanish Paella, fish maw chicken soup

Date, Time and Price

Dec 24 First Round 5.30pm-8pm. Adult $718/ Senior $574/ Child $502; Second Round 8.15pm-11pm Adult $798/ Senior $638/ Child $558; Late Night 11pm-1.15am Adult $358/ Senior $268/ Child $250

Dec 25 First Round 5.30pm-8pm. Adult $689/ Senior $558/ Child $488; Second Round 8.15pm-11pm Adult $728/ Senior $582 / Child $509; Late Night 11pm-1.15am Adult $318/ Senior $254/ Child $243

Dec 31 First Round 6pm-9pm. Adult $598/ Senior $478/ Child $418; Second Round 9.30pm-12.15pm Adult $668/ Senior $534 / Child $467 

SkyCity Bistro_Festive
SkyCity Bistro

SkyCity Bistro: Christmas staycation buffet package

Chek Lap Kok

Celebrate the festive season away from the hustle and bustle at SkyCity Bistro in SkyCity Marriott Hotel, all the way in Lantau. A variety of fresh sashimi and seafood such as Boston Lobster, red king crab legs, New Zealand fresh oysters, edible crab, blue mussels and shrimp, come one after another, while the grilled meat area takes turns serving traditional roasted turkey, beef wellington, grilled beef ribs and salmon en croûte. Christmas specials include smoked Norwegian salmon, fried duck breast with orange and honey sauce, fried duck liver and chocolate gingerbread fountain. To sweeten the deal, the hotel is offering a special Christmas staycation package (starting from $2,2250), which includes a deluxe room package, breakfast as well as dinner buffet and more.

Must-eat: Smoked Norway salmon, traditional roast turkey, pan-fried duck liver

Date, Time and Price

Dec 24-25 6pm-10pm. Adult $728/ Child $388

Dec 31 6pm-10pm. Adult $648/ Child $338

Kudos_Christmas 2019
Restaurants, Buffet

Kudos: Seafood feast

Causeway Bay

At Kudos, freshly shucked oysters have always been the centre of attention, but the kitchen will also be turning out iced seafood such as French edible crab, queen crab legs, blue mussels, Pacific snails, frozen shrimp and lobster, Japanese sashimi as well as the widely popular Argentine seven-inch red shrimp sashimi, scallops and abalone. Adults who head over for the festive buffet dinner will even receive half of a cheese lobster for free.

Must-eat: Oyster, 7 inch red shrimp sashimi, American grilled prime rib

Date, Time and Price

Dec 24-25 First Round 5pm-8pm. Adult $778/ Child $498 ; Second Round 8.30pm-11pm Adult $798/ Child $498

Dec 31 First Round 5pm-8pm. Adult $658/ Child $438 ; Second Round 8.30pm-11pm Adult $758/ Child $538

The Peninsula Hong Kong
(c) Ong Photography

The Peninsula Hong Kong: High quality food

Tsim Sha Tsui

Crystal chandeliers, contemporary art, private rooms – what you can get at The Peninsula's buffet is more than quality food, but also an elegant, tasteful experience. The culinary team uses only food that is of the best quality, serving up international cuisine such as Japanese sushi, ravioli, traditional roasted turkey, lobster tartar with Kristal caviar, tiger prawns, foie gras and more, as well as special Christmas themed desserts.

Must-eat: Japanese sashimi, traditional roast turkey, lobster tartar with Kristal caviar

Date, Time and Price

Dec 24 7pm-11pm Adult $1,288 / Child $888

Dec 25 6pm-10pm Adult $1,488 / Child $888

Dec 31 (Luxury New Year's Eve Buffet Dinner) 8pm-12.30am adult $2,388 / Child $1,488

Wash it down with a cocktail or two