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Where to find the best macarons in Hong Kong

Treat yourself with these delicate sweet treats delivered to your door
Written by
Jenny Leung

From classic flavours to playful mashups, macarons come in a spectrum of colours and a host of flavours. While they are mostly enjoyed over a hot cuppa at a lavish hotel or brought as an elegant gift for your loved ones, who's to say you can't treat yourself to these delicate French nibbles at home? On that note, here are some of our favourite places where you can find the best macarons in Hong Kong. 

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Best macarons in Hong Kong

Pierre Hermé is the granddaddy of all things sweet. Since his first store opened in Tokyo in 1998, the brand now has over 50 stores located all across the globe. Bringing a touch of modernity and daring flavours to these classic sweet treats, Pierre Hermé does an unusual-yet-balanced range of flavours including citron caviar finger lime, salted-butter caramel, and the unrivalled milk chocolate and passion fruit. 

Dalloyau’s collection of indulgent flavours includes yuzu, black truffle chocolate, and salted caramel. Not exciting enough? Well, give the banana oatmeal, red bean, or the caramel popcorn a try. The secret to Dalloyau’s success is the addition of a homemade almond paste in the biscuit, which is preservative-free and uses only natural colourings.


Joël Robuchon may be known for its delicate pastries, sandwiches, salads, cakes, and popular afternoon tea. Not to be overlooked though are the outstanding macarons, which boast a more prevalent almond flavour compared to other biscuits in the city, thanks to the use of fresh, dried almonds instead of the powdered variety. Delicate flavours such as chocolate, sesame, and grapefruit, as well as the traffic light trio of strawberry, lemon, and pistachio, are definitely some of Hong Kong’s best.

Aside from the brand’s luxurious teas, Tea WG’s macarons are pretty drool-worthy too. Boasting a range of tea-infused flavours such as earl grey and chocolate, lemon bush tea, black tea and blackcurrant, and our favourite, Pink Garden tea and lychee, Tea WG's macarons use all-natural ingredients and are entirely crafted by hand. Perfect for tea lovers to treat themselves at home!


What first started as a mere cooking experiment at home in 2009, Little Miss Macarons has now gone on to do everything from bespoke macarons and artsy rainbow cakes to providing workshops and signature sweet treats at large-scale events for huge brands like Dior, Fendi, Hera, Givenchy and many more. There isn't a huge variety of flavours to choose from, but with a CV this impressive, you know you can't go wrong with Little Miss Macarons.

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