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Find me a date
Time Out Hong Kong

Find me a date: Tiffany and Ben

Time Out turns Cupid and pairs up two love-seeking Hongkongers for a hot date. Let’s see if the arrows hit their target.

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Time Out Hong Kong

Tiffany: “
Nice person, very polite, and a bit shy.”

Ben: “She came off as very mature and professional, the exact opposite of me. This made me a little nervous, but I tried to stay open to the possibilities.”


Tiffany “We both kept an open attitude to get to know each other. It was overall a good conversation. However,
I didn’t feel any romantic chemistry between us.”

Ben “I’d say the entire date was a little uncomfortable. We didn’t really have too much in common. I found it difficult to keep the conversation going.


Tiffany “One or two, which was understandable, considering we both had a long day from work and we had literally zero knowledge of the other person before the date.”

Ben “There was a lot of awkward silence. We were asked if we wanted more food, but I got the sense that she really wanted to wrap things up, so we just turned them down.”


Tiffany “We just politely said goodbye to each other.”

Ben “After a little extra small talk with the restaurant owner in the elevator, we just said goodbye to eachother and went home, very alone.”


♥♥ Tiffany  “He was really nice and friendly, and
the restaurant was really nice, but I think we were just too different.”

♥♥ Ben “She seemed like a nice person, but there wasn’t much of a connection. Didn’t think we had a similar sense of humour so it was tough to open up.

The hot spot

  • 4 out of 5 stars
  • Bars and pubs
  • Wine bars
  • Soho

Tiffany: “Nice vibes, pretty good service. I’d probably go again with friends to chat and share a couple of bottles of wine and some food.”

Ben: “Cool and classy atmosphere. I wish I could have ordered more! I’ll have to stop by again with some friends and try the rest of the menu.”

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