The best places to buy video games in Hong Kong

The city is a gamers’ paradise if you know where to look

While it’s no secret that in many respects Hong Kong isn’t cheap, video games are a surprisingly affordable hobby. The newest releases usually cost between $380-$450 and consoles are priced very competitively when compared with the rest of the world. Whether you’re looking for the latest Nintendo console or an old Neo Geo to satisfy your retro cravings, Hong Kong has shops aplenty to satiate your needs.

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Best places to buy video games in Hong Kong

Oriental 188 Shopping Centre

Visiting this place is like dying and ascending to video game heaven. Oriental 188 is a three-storey electronics mall where every gaming store is lined with boxes of new and second-hand games. There’s even a seriously cool retro store with some choice SNES-era Squaresoft RPGs like Final Fantasy 6 and Super Mario RPG. Head to the top floor for wall-to-wall games as the middle section of the mall is split between games, phone accessories stores and other hobbyist shops.

Wan Chai

Wan Chai Computer Centre

If you’re in need of some electronic retail therapy, Wan Chai Computer Centre has everything you could imagine. The superior choice if you're looking for stuff beyond video games, with cables and adapters for devices we didn’t even know existed, there are still a number of dedicated video game stores with all the latest releases. Plus, if you’re more into PC gaming, this is a great spot to build your own rig.

Wan Chai

Sino Centre

The onus is primarily on comics and anime merchandise at this five-floor Mong Kok mall, but there’s also plenty of love for video games. A lot of the shops stock special editions of stuff that you won’t find anywhere else in Hong Kong, sometimes even online – last time we were there, a store somehow had a copy of the incredibly limited PS4 20th Anniversary Edition. If it’s rarities you want, and you’ve got the cash to spare, this is the place to go.

Mong Kok

Golden Computer Centre

With almost an entire floor dedicated to video games, come here for all of your computer needs. From games and consoles to everything you need to put together a top-tier gaming computer, Golden’s maze of tightly packed stores has got you covered. Just make sure you do a full round and check all the different prices before you commit to buying anything.

Sham Shui Po

Hong Kong Records

Hong Kong’s homegrown audio and visual mecca. It’s not dedicated to games as such, but it does the job if you find yourself around Admiralty or Central and desperate to pick up a new release – late birthday present, perhaps? 


HMV Causeway Bay

The entertainment behemoth’s (well, at least it used to be) flagship location in Hong Kong. This store stretches across three levels and sells music, films, magazines, video games and audio equipment. In terms of games, it's a bit pricier than some of the more rustic options on this list, but at least you’re guaranteed a new copy and there’s a level of orderliness here that you won’t find in Hong Kong’s more grungy electronics malls.

Causeway Bay

Hang Sing Games

It’s not just Hong Kong Island and Kowloon that caters to gamers. This Tai Po mainstay is wall-to-wall Playstation 4 games (sorry, Nintendo fans). There's an amazing selection of esoteric Japanese imports as well as the latest releases, and all at decent prices.

Tai Po

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